Tips for intranet (gathered from various places)

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Tips for intranet (gathered from various places) by Mind Map: Tips for intranet (gathered from various places)

1. Best Practice

1.1. Articles

1.1.1. Text size

1.1.2. Categorisation

1.1.3. Tags

1.1.4. Image size/placement

1.1.5. Tone of voice

1.1.6. Length//word count Maximum word count?

1.1.7. Expiration/review dates

1.2. Files

1.2.1. Types of files

1.2.2. Expiration/Review dates

1.3. Images

1.4. Videos

2. Content Management

2.1. Track what's not being used

2.1.1. Define "rot" rules that aim to remove useless content Scheduled "content purges"

2.2. News

2.2.1. The intranet is NOT an archive for company news- it is a information tool to aid daily communication

2.2.2. All articles should expire (unless exceptional, criteria to be defined

2.3. Applications

2.3.1. Promote functions are individual apps, part of the overall service

2.4. FAQs

2.4.1. FAQs should be real and from the source Remove FAQs that are not being accessed Use FAQs as an entry point for new starters? FAQs should be formed strategically to cover the entirety of it's subject. Avoid one off/ad-hoc FAQs. Brainstorm sessions in which departments can define their most frequently asked questions

2.5. Strategy

2.5.1. Avoid "vanity" content Challenge all potential content to strict and definable criteria Is it useful to anyone? Does it assist in people's tasks? Does it aid engagement? Is the information already available elsewhere on the intranet?

2.5.2. Ownership package? We present people.departments with an "ownership pack" that details what they are responsible for (FAQs, news in their area, files in their area etc.)

2.5.3. Responsibilities Document for each department, outline their purpose within the company

3. User Experience

3.1. Consistency

3.1.1. Capitalisation

3.1.2. Font sizes

3.1.3. Colour schemes

3.1.4. Use simple and straightforward language

3.2. Design

3.2.1. Treat users as if they're using a service

3.2.2. Avoid labelling things that have an obvious purpose

3.2.3. Visual homepage Large images

3.2.4. Simple design

3.3. Menus

3.3.1. About section that describes the purpose clearly - colleagues should be in now doubt about what the intranet is for.

4. Training Materials

4.1. User guides

4.1.1. Info sheet for new starters at induction - professional document

4.2. Pages

4.2.1. "New Starter" portal that shows for designated period of time per user

5. User Engagement

5.1. Competitions/Prizes

5.1.1. Comment on X articles

5.1.2. Rate X amount of articles

5.1.3. Read these guides

5.2. Promotional Materials

5.2.1. Pens

5.2.2. Mouse Mats

5.3. Questionnaire

5.3.1. Ensure that we aren't asking users to design the intranet

5.4. Sustainable engagement

5.4.1. What can we do to engage each new starter? Regular competitions Polls Forums Blogs

5.5. Training

5.5.1. Hands on training - store visits?

5.5.2. User guides

5.5.3. One-on-one training for leadership

5.5.4. Intranet questions forum - early!

5.5.5. Drop in sessions

5.5.6. Planned "refreshers"

5.5.7. Train managers first Process can trickle down

5.6. Incentives for use

5.6.1. Prizes Is there money for this?

5.6.2. Recognition

6. Needing of Strategy

6.1. HR Policies

6.1.1. As the experts, what needs to be available?

6.2. Colleague Feedback

6.3. Tone of voice

6.3.1. To be decided definitively and not diverged from

6.3.2. Mission Statement?

6.4. Promotion

6.4.1. Is there time/money/resource for this?

6.5. Content

6.5.1. Formal/Informal

6.5.2. Short and long form

6.5.3. Colleagues in the Community - Submission Guide (best practice etc.)

7. Analytics

7.1. Track from the start to measure success

7.2. Track engagement

7.2.1. Percentage of employees visiting the intranet weekly

7.2.2. Total number of visits

7.2.3. Duration of visits

7.2.4. Devices accessing the intranet

7.2.5. Most popular pages and documents

7.3. Highlight problem areas

7.4. KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)

7.4.1. Define what success is so that we can judge whether we're succeeding