Human Population

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Human Population by Mind Map: Human Population

1. Pre-agricultural Period:

1.1. Development of tools

1.1.1. The development of tools to use in agriculture made food more accessible, allowing people to have larger families

2. Agricultural Period

2.1. Advances in Agriculture

2.1.1. The more the advances in agriculture the larger the population grew. Improved irrigation and ploughing technologies along with domesticated plants and animals increased crop yields therefore allowing people to have more food to feed their families.

2.1.2. This also allowed people to settle down and begin building settlements for themselves. This sense of security of always having a place to live and a constant supply of food caused an increase in birth rates. The packed living quarters also caused illness to spread quicker, causing an increase in the death rate.

3. Industrial Period

3.1. Advances in Technology and Agricultural techniques

3.1.1. These advances caused an increase in food availability, therefore allowing families to have more children.

3.2. Improved medicine

3.2.1. This also included increasingly better sanitation preventing the spread of diseases, as well as stopping infection.

3.2.2. These advances allowed for longer life spans, resulting in more people having more and more childrn