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Nature vs. Nurture by Mind Map: Nature vs. Nurture
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Nature vs. Nurture


agents of socialisation

Family, speech, social ettiquette, walk

media, inspirations, personality, appearance

religion, views, opinions, preferences

education, reading, writing, relationships

work, independency, responsiblity, skills

peers, opinions, personality, maturity

Feral children

apparently there have been cases of children being abandoned and found by animals who have raised the child as their own and the child ends up picking up all the behaviours and forms of communication that the animals have taught them to

abandoned children

Genie was locked away by her father because he thought she had mental problems. she was locked in a room for 11 years and when she came out she could walk but not in the same way a child with a normal upbringing would walk., they found that Genie would never learn to speak which shows that speech is something you can only learn when your in your early childhood



to show emotion

to eat

to drink

to fight

to sleep

to reproduce

to communicate