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Each reaction by Mind Map: Each reaction
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Each reaction

My ideas on religion, golden rule, love, ego

puts you on a scale - radiate vs absorb -

STO polarized 51% - 100% radiating love / 0 - 49% absorbing love

Truely Christian


concepts, All is One, Christ consciousness, I AM all that is / GOD, Unconditional Love, lead by, the Father, Universal self

STS UNpolarized 5% - 50 % radiating love 50%- 95% absorbing love

doesn't choose, Inharmonious, Can't control emotions, Not enough discipline / determination, 99% of world population

STS polarized 0% - 5% radiating love / 95%-100% absorbing love


fallen angel

concepts, separation, Belial, righteous master, Conditional Love, lead by, Ego, Separate self

Service to Self(STS)


5 senses, fear, joy

by means of




absorbing love

selfish love

nothing for nothing

structure based on honor / respect

in this category

Wants to go to heaven, may endure pain for it

don't hurt my ego!

lead by

Selfish Separate Self

strives for harmony

creates rules/ religion/ frameworks

Service to Other(STO)


creating/experiencing Joy in others

by means of




radiating love

unselfish love

help without Wanting repay

structure based on consciousness

in this category

Experience Joy in others, may endure pain for it

lead by

Unselfish Separate Self OR Universal Self

strives for harmony


Free will

Golden Rule

Don't go against someone else's free will

Striving for harmony

mind / body / spirit activation


“We are a universe with a Soul Purpose for loving all creation as One.” ~ Nicholas T ( age 9 )

inspired by the "Law of One"

"Children of the Law of One & The lost teachings of Atlantis" ~ Jon Peniel

"The Law of One / Ra material" ~ llresearch(1960-2010) ( check the library for the free pdf copy )