Human Reproduction

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Human Reproduction by Mind Map: Human Reproduction

1. STI (sexually transmitted infections)

1.1. Gonorrhoea

1.2. Syphillis

1.3. AIDS (aquired immune deficiency syndrome)

2. Male sexual organs

2.1. Penis

2.1.1. deposits sperms in female vagina

2.2. Scrotum

2.2.1. a layer of skin which holds the testis

2.3. Testis

2.3.1. produces male sex hormones and sperms upon puberty

2.4. Sex glands

2.4.1. release fluids which protect the sperms and nourish them by providing them with the energy to swim

2.5. Urethra

2.5.1. a tube which carries sperms and urine outside the body

2.6. Epididymis

2.6.1. it is where sperms are stored after leaving the testis

2.7. Sperm duct

2.7.1. carries sperms from the epididymis to the urethra

3. Female sexual organs

3.1. Fallopian tube

3.1.1. carries the mature egg from the ovary to the uterus. has a hair-like structure

3.2. Uterus

3.2.1. a muscular pear-shaped structure where the embryo develops during pergnancy

3.3. Ovary

3.3.1. produces female sex hormones and ovum

3.4. Vagina

3.4.1. site where sperms are deposited during sexual intercourse

3.5. Cervix

3.5.1. the neck of the uterus which widens during child birth

4. Contraception

4.1. condom

4.1.1. temporary

4.2. contraceptive pills

4.2.1. temporary

4.3. intra-uterine device

4.3.1. temporary

4.4. diaphragm

4.4.1. temporary

4.5. sterilisation

4.5.1. permanant male vasectomy female ligation

5. Puberty

5.1. Male

5.1.1. testes produce sex hormones and sperms

5.1.2. ejaculation(the discharge of fluid containing sperms through the penis) begins

5.1.3. testes and penis increase in size

5.1.4. height increases rapidly

5.1.5. body becomes more muscular and shoulders broaden

5.1.6. hair grows on face, chest, armpits, and in pubic regions

5.1.7. voice box eblarges causing voice to deepen

5.2. Female

5.2.1. ovaries produce sex hormones abd release mature ova

5.2.2. menstruation begins

5.2.3. breasts and uterus increase in size

5.2.4. height increases rapidly

5.2.5. hips broaden and become rounder

5.2.6. hair grows in armpits and pubic regions