Front Matter - Alberta Social Studies POS

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Front Matter - Alberta Social Studies POS by Mind Map: Front Matter - Alberta Social Studies POS

1. Vision

1.1. reflects the nature of 21st century learners

1.2. citizenship and identity

1.3. multiple perspectives

1.4. pluralistic, bilingual, multicultural, inclusive and democratic society

1.5. diversity and respect

1.6. social cohesion

1.7. sense of belonging and acceptance

1.8. recognition of the diversity of experiences and perspectives

1.9. pluralistic nature of Canadian society.

2. Definition

2.1. study of people in relation to each other and to their world

2.2. issues- focused and inquiry-based interdisciplinary subject

2.2.1. history

2.2.2. geography

2.2.3. ecology

2.2.4. economics

2.2.5. law

2.2.6. philosophy

2.2.7. political science

2.3. fosters students’ understanding of and involvement in practical and ethical issues that face their communities and humankind

2.4. understanding of who they are, what they want to become and the society in which they want to live.

3. Role

3.1. Values & Attitudes

3.1.1. value the diversity, respect the dignity and support the equality of all human beings •

3.1.2. social compassion, fairness and justice to Canada

3.1.3. multiple perspectives shape Canada’s political, socio- economic, linguistic and cultural realities

3.2. Knowledge & Understanding

3.3. Skills & Processes