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Current directions in Black Psychology by Mind Map: Current
in Black
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Current directions in Black Psychology

Positive Psychology:An African American perspective



Spirituality, Community, Collective efficacy

Protective factors

Capabilities & strengths

Coping & well-being

Personal choices, Self regulation & reflection

Liberation Psychology

Comprehensive analysis of the Black condition

Addressing assets AND deficits

Social Equity & Justice

Resistance: commitment to expose & overcome social injustices

Vital strategies for transformation

Positive psychology/reflecting on a "rich" heritage, Empowerment/Creating hope, Social activism/Solidarity

Moving forward

African-centered Psychology

African thought & tradiion

African American Psychology

Image of Blacks & African (Americans)

Black resilience

Cultural mistrust

Positive well being & optimal functioning


Intelligence Assessment

Culturally relevant Mental Health services

Bio-medical ethics

Clinical applications of African psychology

Political Culture

Analyzing power

"Buying into the system"

Addressing current (& covert) racism

Negative effects of racism

Critical conscious theory

Civic participation/Collective voice

Engagement of younger generations