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Grandparents by Mind Map: Grandparents
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Dealing with anxiety of first job

Blogging, how to be a better social networker

Events (Right Here, Right Now)

Pedal Away Polio (DONE)

Battle of the Year- breakdance (DONE)

Palate Palatte Dubstep

Financial constraint

How To's/ Try It's

Best of

Weekend "what-to-do"

Top Five *good for sponsor

When I was 21

Topics (Hear Us!)

How to improve the local film industry: Guest on set- 2 youth + 2 young filmakers

Solving the mat rempit problem

Ways to eradicate corruption

Foreign youth. A community of youth who are foreigners.

Baby boomers vs. Gen-Y. Coping with baby boomers in the office

Quarter-life crisis causing depression

Education system

U.S. double-dip recession and how its affecting us

"The Game" and the dating scene

Acne and self-confidence (pro-activ as sponsor

What is the constitution?

Bi-partisan. Good or bad?

Publicity ideas


Friendscino (Jerry)

Palate Palatte (Su Ann)

Stuff Your Face Cafe (Barry)

Old Town Subang (Joel)

Ecoba (Simon)



Full House in Sunway Giza

The Bee (Adrian)

Online content

Vox Pop

What you hate most about Malaysia

The coolest thing you've done on a weekend

What you think of Mat Rempits

New node

New node