Introduction of immunology

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Introduction of immunology by Mind Map: Introduction of immunology

1. organ involved

1.1. primary lymphoid organ-production site -immune cell

1.1.1. Bone marrow

1.1.2. Thymus

1.2. secondary lymphoid organ-maturation site-antigen driven-immune cell

1.2.1. Lymph node

1.2.2. spleen

1.2.3. Tonsils

2. cell of immune system

2.1. Leukocyte(WBC)

2.1.1. Agranular Lymphocyte T-cell NK cell B-cell Monocytes (macrophages)

2.1.2. Granular Basophil (mast cell) inflamation Eusinophils Neutrophil

3. Type of immunity

3.1. Specific

3.1.1. Mechanism of antibody production

3.1.2. type Cell-mediated immunity CD8 cytotoxic T cell Delayed-type hypersensitivity responses Humoral immunity Neutralization Agglutination Opsonisation Activation of complement Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC)

3.1.3. Lymphocytes type B cell T cell

3.2. non-specific(natural,F.O.C)

3.2.1. Internal Mechanism protection Phagocytosis Inflammation Physiological barrier

3.2.2. External Prevent penetration Eg: skin, normal microbiota(E.coli)