Plant Kingdom

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Plant Kingdom by Mind Map: Plant Kingdom

1. Characteristics

1.1. Are the first living things to get to the surface

1.2. Appart from the Cyanobacteria, plants are the main producers of oxygen

1.3. Are very diverse and more complex to classificate

2. Classification

2.1. Classified by;

2.1.1. Flower

2.1.2. Leaves Its shape, look, etc

2.1.3. Fruit

2.1.4. Name

3. Reproduction

3.1. They reproduce in 2 ways:

3.1.1. Sexually They use the pollen to create fruit which in the right conditions can create a new plant using its seeds

3.1.2. Asexually They reproduce without the need of a different plant

4. Structure

4.1. Can be:

4.1.1. Soft Most of the plants that aren't trees

4.1.2. Hard Trees and conifers

4.1.3. Spiky Cactus