Advertising, Marketing & Sales

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Advertising, Marketing & Sales by Mind Map: Advertising, Marketing & Sales

1. Sales

1.1. sales price

1.1.1. the discounted price of an item from the regular selling price.

1.2. sales presentation

1.2.1. formal and pre-arranged meeting

1.3. sales strategy

1.3.1. planned approach to account-management policy formation

1.4. sales territory

1.4.1. geographical area or type of customers

1.5. sales discount

1.5.1. cash incentive given to a customer

2. Marketing

2.1. market failure

2.1.1. Situation where resources cannot be efficiently allocated

2.2. market opportunity

2.2.1. identified need, want, or demand

2.3. marketing mix

2.3.1. product, price, place, and promotion

2.4. marketing plan

2.4.1. describing activities involved in achieving specific marketing objectives

3. Advertising

3.1. advertising strategy

3.1.1. campaign developed to encourage potential customers to purchase a good or service

3.2. advertising plan

3.2.1. shows what are the advertising objectives

3.3. advertising channel

3.3.1. media channel used in a promotional campaign

3.4. advertising research

3.4.1. how consumers respond to a particular ad