Review and Reflection of Target Audience.

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Review and Reflection of Target Audience. by Mind Map: Review and Reflection of Target Audience.

1. Target Audience Recap

1.1. My documentary will target males and females aged 16 years and over, who have a pre-existing interest in sporting culture and its effects on society. They may also be interested in other documentary subgenres, such as Travel and Societal Documentaries.

1.1.1. Establish Project Objective

1.1.2. Establish Project Scope

1.1.3. Map Requirements

1.1.4. Map Solution

1.1.5. Map Training Requirement

1.1.6. Review Project Scope

1.2. The documentary will be targeted at the British Public, as the film will focus on British sport; it will look to raise awareness of the issues surrounding sport and raise awareness of this to both young and older members of the public, in both professional and amateur sport.

1.2.1. Identify Project Resources

1.2.2. Recruit Project Steering Committee

1.2.3. Recruit Project Coordinators

1.2.4. Identify / Recruit Key Stakeholders

1.2.5. Determine Training Requirements

1.2.6. Map the Project Organization Chart

1.2.7. Review Project Organization

1.3. The film will have a 12 rating, as it will cover issues such as discrimination and drug abuse, which need to be monitored for younger viewers. The film does not require a 15 rating, as the content will not be overly graphic.

1.3.1. Establish Project Administration Procedures

1.3.2. Establish Quality Control Procedures

1.3.3. Establish Progress Control Procedures

1.3.4. Establish Change Control Procedures

1.3.5. Establish Issue Resolution Procedure

1.3.6. Review Project Control Procedures

1.4. Documentaries that have a similar target audience to mine may include Venus and Serena (2012,Maiken Baird), Senna (2010,Asif Kapadia) and Coffee Shop Hot Shots (2014, BBC).

1.4.1. Estimate Project Costs

1.4.2. Identify and Quantify Benefits

1.4.3. Determine Break-even Point

1.4.4. Analyze Risk

1.4.5. Review Business Case

2. Why I Have Specified this Target Audience

2.1. Primary Research

2.1.1. 62.9% of those who answered my questionnaire were aged between 10-29 years old, suggesting that a younger generation are attracted to the nature of the documentaries. Therefore it would be sensitive to aim the documentary at a younger generation.

2.1.2. 100% of those who answered my questionnaire were of a British Ethnicity, and therefore it is appropriate to target the British Public in my target audience.

2.1.3. 100% of the participants in my focus group were aged 18 or less, and as I will be considering their opinions when structuring my script and storyboards, it makes sense to target this age range.

2.2. Secondary Research

2.2.1. According to, from 2001-2014, the second highest grossing documentary in the UK was "Senna" at £3.2 million.

2.2.2. As of 2010, 45.6 million visitors to the cinema were aged between 18-24, accounting for 1/5 of all visits that year. As Senna was released in 2010, this would suggest that a younger generation takes an interest in this style of documentary. As my documentary could be seen as addressing similar issues, it would be appropriate to target a similar age range.

2.2.3. As of 24/11/15, Sky Sports Channels 1-5 had a combined daily reach of 3096 viewers in the UK (according to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board). My documentary will be heavily revolved around sport and could even feature on these channels. Therefore, it would be appropriate to target the UK public in order to amass the greatest interest and exposure.

3. How I am Going to Satisfy Satisfy My Target Audience

3.1. After completing and analysing my questionnaire and focus group, I have summarised the features that I will need to develop in my documentary in order to appeal to my target audience:

3.1.1. The address of drug abuse, discrimination, minority vs. majority sport and corruption within all aspects of sport.

3.1.2. The inclusion of actuality footage and sport action footage in order to appeal to the sense of drama and excitement that my audience enjoys about sport. I will look at filming a range of different sports, including professional and amateur levels, both in competition and in training.

3.1.3. Inclusion of unorthodox narrative and montage elements as specified by my questionnaire. I will address by using voice overs with edited footage to illuminate the points being addressed.

3.1.4. Addressing the importance of branding that is now apparent in sport, as addressed in my focus group. I will look at interviewing an expert in the filed, such as a Sport University Graduate.

3.1.5. Including interviews with stories and recounts of events, with interesting people/experts. I will look at conducting interviews with Athletes, Coaches and Officials at the highest level of sport, such as Zara Dampney and Paul Reese, both from Bournemouth.