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My brain by Mind Map: My brain

1. Future

1.1. Get a great, well paid job that i love

1.2. Marry a healthy, awesome looking, kind, gentle, sweet man, who's nice to me EVERY day, and thin but strong

1.3. Live in a mansion with two kids. ( one boy and one girl )

1.4. Have one great pet to love and cherish

2. Pets I have or want

2.1. Pets I have now are: Suki, a shiba enu, and Ruger, a chiwawa mix breed.

2.2. Pets I want are: One hamster, one kitty, one dog, one panda.

3. Fave shows and movies

3.1. My fave shows are: Raising Hope, Malcolm in the Middle, My name is Earl, SPONGEBOB, and H2o.

3.2. My fave movies are: FINDING NEMO, scream 4, spongebob movie, God's NOT dead.

4. Music

4.1. Genres

4.1.1. Country Artists Alanis Morissette The Band Perry Billy Currington Blake Shelton Brad Paisley Carrie Underwood Jason Aldean Lady Antebellum Luke Bryan Rodney Atkins Taylor Swift

4.1.2. Holiday Enya O Come, O Come Emmanuel

4.1.3. Christian&Gospel Francesca Battistelli Free to Be Me I'm Letting Go Unpredictable My Paper Heart Beautiful, Beautiful Blue Sky Forever Love Someday Soon Behind the Scenes Time In Between Keeping Me Guessing Kutless What Faith Can Do Matthew West Intro Something To Say The Motions You Are Everything The Center Save A Place For Me Life Inside You Safe and Sound The Moment Of Truth A Friend In The World All Broken Pieces Stop The World

5. School

5.1. School for me is stressful sometimes.

6. Fave stores


6.2. TJ max

6.3. 5 below

6.4. target

7. Fave color

7.1. Sunrise orange

7.2. Cyan blue

7.3. Magenta purple

7.4. Grass green

7.5. Rose red

7.6. Lemon yellow

7.7. Hot pink

8. Fave restaurants

8.1. Red Lobster

8.2. Subway

8.3. ( To be determined later )

9. Fears

9.1. Spiders

9.2. Bears

9.3. Driving behind a big rig

9.4. [Private]

9.5. Bugs ( not all of them though )

9.6. Branches falling from trees when im outside

9.7. Trees falling when im outside

9.8. Sound of knocking or footsteps when im home alone

9.9. Much more

10. My favorite time ever

10.1. My favorite time is 12:34 56. Its just so perfect like that

11. My Fave magazine

11.1. My fave magazine is from Justice. Issue 11

12. Places id love to vacation at

12.1. Hawaii

12.2. Tokyo

12.3. Paris

12.4. Flordia

12.5. Texas

12.6. Beach

13. Sports i like

13.1. Tennis

13.2. Racquetball

13.3. Volley ball

13.4. Basketball

13.5. Mini Golf

14. Invention ideas

14.1. Simple things

14.1.1. Sticky notes with a little plastic, serrated piece over the sticky part.

14.2. Complicated things

15. Gifts I want

15.1. PHONE

15.2. Money

15.3. Necklaces

15.4. Really cool pens with lots of ink

15.5. Makeup

15.6. Sketchbook

16. My BFF's

16.1. Becca ( church )

16.2. Bella/Izzy ( next door neighbor )

16.3. Cat ( neighbor )

17. Projects

17.1. Wallet made from old pant legs

17.2. Piano bench

17.3. Birdhouse

17.4. Paper snowflakes

17.5. Christmas calendar countdown

18. Lunch ideas

18.1. Chili cheese dogs

18.2. A casserole

18.3. Sweet rice

18.4. Left-overs

18.5. Hot dogs

18.6. Pancakes

18.7. Chili rice

18.8. Tacos

18.9. Corn dogs

18.10. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

18.11. Waffles

18.12. Breakfast sandwiches

18.13. Mac n' cheese with litl' smokies

18.14. Burritos

18.15. Sandwiches

19. Dream jobs

19.1. To work at a mattress store. During a night shift. That way i can be the one to test mattresses by sleeping on them. And i would be there at night, so its just sleeping at a mattress store, FOR MONEY. The job will pay about $300 per day.

20. Jobs i will NEVER EVER get

20.1. I will never get a job as a sewer cleaner. It would be soooo gross for me to clean. Plus, it would probs take a long time in a SEWER.