You should invest $50,000 in PropMap

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You should invest $50,000 in PropMap by Mind Map: You should invest $50,000 in PropMap

1. 2016 action plan

1.1. Take advantage of the event that attracts the attention of everyone in the world to go viral: 2016 US President election.

1.1.1. Goal: launch by September 8 2016, which is 2 months before 2016 US President election. Detailed action plan: [not finalized yet] - Phase 1: Jan 2016: plan + improve Haindeco - Phase 2: Feb-March: aggressively recruit, choose office, engage with investor - Phase 3: Apr-May-Jun: focus 100% on building version 1 (the Lean version) to assist in planning and decision-making of companies following Lean Startup principles - Phase 4: July-Aug-Sep: a) release Lean version for free to companies, especially entrepreneurs, reiterate to improve product from feedback, use "Wizard of Oz" for missing features, build version 2 (the President version) b) prepare for crowdfunding on Indiegogo, attract as much media attention as possible - Phase 5: Oct-Nov: a) run the crowdfunding campaign, attract extreme media attention, promise to the public about the President version b) release the President version, fix bugs, establish infrastructure to handle traffic, document the progress for prospective investors Launch PropMap to multiple groups of users to demonstrate the versatility of PropMap as a tool and refine its features. Raise funding at the beginning of each phase to achieve each phase's milstones. Recruit partners and hire people when necessary to get things done, especially developers who build PropMap the application Validate assumptions about PropMap and its features to make changes when necessary as fast as possible Design the product, features and determine the best technologies to build them Must launch to voters at least by Sep 8, 2016 to build momentum until the presidential election. This is 2 months in advance to give some leeway in case the launch is delayed. It takes at least one month to finalize our plan and for me to fulfill my responsibility with my investor If possible, we should try crowdfunding, which obviously provides some funding if succeeding and wildly spreads the words about PropMap even if it fails. A successful campaign can make us a little less dependent on investors. A passionate, super CTO is the key to kickstart the development of PropMap. We need to invest as much as 2 months to find this person.

2. Why $50,000