ELL Prorams

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ELL Prorams by Mind Map: ELL Prorams

1. Two-Way Immersion programs

1.1. Videos

1.1.1. Suzanne Talhouk: Don't kill your language

1.1.2. Dual Language Immersion Program at Paradise Valley Elementary

1.1.3. Dual Language Immersion and Bilingual Education

1.2. Objectives

1.2.1. Students will gain well-developed language and literacy skills in two languages

1.2.2. Students will demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.

1.3. Teaching Practice

1.3.1. Prepare collaborative teaching with a second language teacher

1.3.2. Make lessons visual - graphics, videos, images

1.3.3. Provide opportunities to obtain cultural backgrounds of the both languages

2. English as a Second Language

2.1. Teaching Practice

2.1.1. Provide visual contents as well as comprehensible texts

2.1.2. Present objectives, agenda, essential questions on a board

2.1.3. Demonstrate new vocabulary words prior to a content study

2.1.4. Prepare project-based and/or activity-based learning environment

2.2. Standards

2.2.1. Standard 1: English for information and understanding Students learning English as a second language learn, use, and reflect on English language and concepts from the core content areas

2.2.2. Standard 2: English for literary response, enjoyment, and expression students gain an understanding of literary concepts

2.2.3. Standard 3: English for critical analysis and evaluation Students develop an understanding of the impact of personal and alternative points of view and structural features of text.

2.2.4. Standard 4: English for social and classroom interaction Students need to engage in functions such as negotiating, explaining, participating in discussions, following and providing directions, and requesting and providing assistance in English.

2.2.5. Standard 5: English for cross-cultural knowledge and understanding Students need to acquire a “second culture” in both social and academic contexts.