The make up of a Sentence

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The make up of a Sentence by Mind Map: The make up of a Sentence

1. Anatomy

1.1. Verbs

1.1.1. Identify the verb e.g the wheels of the sentence. What makes the sentence move? Action

1.2. Subjects

1.2.1. After identifying the verb, ask yourself a who, what or where question.

1.3. Predicate

1.3.1. What did the subject do? What does the subject do?

1.4. Objects

1.4.1. Always a noun or pronoun

2. Types of Sentences

2.1. Simple Subject

2.1.1. Describes only one thing or object

2.2. Compound Sentence

2.2.1. Two or more simple subjects

2.3. Complex

2.3.1. More than one idea or verb