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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization

1. Internet

1.1. A system for creating, organizing, and linking documents so they can easily be browsed over the internet.

1.1.1. Effects globalization because now people are connected anywhere and everywhere.

2. Outsourcing

2.1. When companies take their work outside of the U.S. for cheaper labor.

2.1.1. Makes the world more flat because work for the US can now be done overseas for cheaper.

3. Offshoring

3.1. Similar to outsourcing, offshoring takes the whole company office itself and moves it overseas.

3.1.1. Offshoring is another example of innovgation driving a healthy, growing office market.

4. "Steroids"

4.1. Allows people to do things anywhere and everywhere with faster speed and total ease.

4.1.1. makes technology faster, easier, and more efficient.

5. End of the Cold War

5.1. Fall of the Berlin Wall opened a way for people to share their knowledge, The world became more flat becaues of free market capitalism.

5.1.1. Allowed the people to view the world as a whole, making it more flat.

6. Work Flow Software

6.1. Software that connects people around the world working on the same projects and topics.

6.1.1. Makes the working office faster and more efficient. Can also be used in schools, hospitals, or anywhere that a bunch of computers are linked together.

7. Uploading

7.1. Allows people to upload information and pictures onto the internet from their home computers.

7.1.1. Makes the world even more connected than before, people can now post pictures and videos on the internet for anyone to see.

8. Supply Chaining

8.1. Companies combine with each other to do the same job, like UPS and Walmart

8.1.1. Transporting products from one place to the next makes the world more flat and makes transportation of goods faster and easier.

9. Insourcing

9.1. Bringing products inside the US from overseas.

9.1.1. The US now recieves many products all made in china. One reason for insourcing to occur is if a company had previously outsourced a certain task but was no longer satisfied with the work being done on that task so the company insources the task and assigns it to someone within the company.

10. Informing

10.1. EX: Search engines, Google. Allows people to get information at their fingertips.

10.1.1. Makes the world more flat because people can now access any information without using a book.