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Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globalization 3.0
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Globalization 3.0


The internet was about being more connected to one another

it was also about getting information quickly from one source to another.


Allows anyone to upload to the internet with information

There are three parts of uploading, blogging/podcasting, and community-developed software


Take jobs from a major corporation and give the jobs to house wives and pay cheap


Helps grow the company in the market place

Close to the same thing as outsourcing, they move the company over seas


Gives knowledge of a fact or circumstance


Technological content can be digitized, shaped, manipulated and transmitted virtualy

This is an easy topic, that can be done at a very high speed


Outsourcing is the process of taking one job in America to another job elsewere in the world.

It saves money because smarter people do it for less money

Supply Chains

How corporations interact with one another

Explain how businesses can do business across the world

Work Flow Software

Connects people around the world doing the same project

New node

End Of Cold War

At the end of the Cold War the Berlin wall fell

Connected the world once again