Globalization 3.0

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Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globalization 3.0

1. End of Cold War

1.1. had an effect on Globalization because when the Berlin Wall fell it opened a barrier from East to West Germany to contribute to the World becoming more flat.

1.1.1. Technology rised and made the world more flat.

2. Internet

2.1. Makes up 76.2% of Americas internet population but only 5% of the World

2.1.1. with the internet everyday there are 274 billion emails sent.

3. Workflow Software

3.1. It helps your computer complete higher tasks.

3.1.1. saves you time with work.

4. Uploading

4.1. Makes the world more connected by uploading.

4.1.1. helps someone understand somebody around the world.

5. Outsourcing

5.1. Companies going to other countires from other places.

5.1.1. makes the work cheaper.

6. Offshoring

6.1. Making us go across the globe to get items.

6.1.1. takes entire company over seas.

7. Supply-Chaining

7.1. Ships items from place to place.

7.1.1. tells you how companies communicate.

8. Insourcing

8.1. Is performed in your home.

8.1.1. brings specialists to fill in temparay tasks.

9. In-forming

9.1. Computers and cell phones help us communicate with people across the globe.

9.1.1. to give or impact a fact or circmustance

10. The steriods

10.1. Helps us communicate with other people.

10.1.1. there are different types of technology like cell phones, computers and laptops.