ski learning

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ski learning by Mind Map: ski learning

1. terrain

1.1. snow powder

1.2. bump

1.3. steep slope

2. level

2.1. beginner

2.1.1. gear boots how to wear how to walk up/down hill ski take off put on how to carry helmet and goggle pods how to hold protection socks 护臀 护膝 护腰

2.1.2. veiche lift gondola

2.1.3. slow down snow plough only works in gentle slope turn works in any terrain snow plough turn nice and gentle

2.1.4. weight shift sliding sliding sideways

2.1.5. how to get up flat slope

2.1.6. sliding sideways

2.2. mid level

2.2.1. stop hockey stop turn towards uphill

2.2.2. turn parallel turn carving short turns pod planting

2.2.3. always doing something waiting for the lift jump and find a comfortable stand position wait on a slope practice weight sift and sliding sideways gental slope no challenge jump single foot ski 蹲下站起

2.2.4. plan path 3 turns ahead the other ones will follow

2.2.5. gear beginner ski pro ski

2.2.6. right of way the slower has the right of the way the front has the right of the way

2.3. advanced

2.3.1. powder ski

2.3.2. bump turn on top turn after top

2.3.3. jumping

2.3.4. moguls turn

3. term

3.1. ski

3.1.1. downhill/uphill

3.1.2. inside/outside

4. others

4.1. education

4.1.1. kids 拉绳 玩游戏 教练前面滑,画线 不用pod

4.1.2. adult

4.1.3. talk do it and watch people do it stop and talk

4.1.4. lesson group private tips

4.1.5. app

4.1.6. youtube videos

4.2. coach

4.2.1. Beri sport medication major grad student ski since 4 gental slope jump lift one foot find out level of students ask student to go down green run and stay behind and watch brother at Stanford from calorado

4.2.2. Connell Saltzman CFO teach us skate sliding sideways on slope weight shfit practice

4.2.3. John professor of biology/phycology people says that they are crazy humor please come closer and pretend that you like me not just teach how but explain why edge curve ski lift mechanics imagine and play game turn gentle play the game draw line and pic on snow let's do s shapes not z shapes use this round s shape to go down hills

4.2.4. why? very low hourly salary why teach? teach easy stuff to adults, boring?

4.3. business

4.3.1. vail public company listed in NYSE market cap 4.5B

4.4. mechanics

4.4.1. turn radius

4.4.2. physics

4.4.3. resistance increase decrease

4.4.4. weight shift

4.4.5. edge