Modern Technologies: Group 2 What modern technologies have been created to improve home design a...

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Modern Technologies: Group 2 What modern technologies have been created to improve home design and energy efficiency? Any technology that is a modern improvement on homes. by Mind Map: Modern Technologies: Group 2  What modern technologies have been created to improve home design and energy efficiency? Any technology that is a modern improvement on homes.

1. Van-An Lam

1.1. Natural Ventilation

1.1.1. With natural ventilation, the wind naturally provides fresh air by entering through windows.


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1.2. Insulation

1.2.1. To lower the heating and cooling cost, add insulation that has a higher heat flow resistance.


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1.3. Advanced Home Framing

1.3.1. Advanced House Framing are framing techniques used to decrease lumber used and waste produced in the construction of a wood-framed house.


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2. Arooba Shaikh

2.1. Low Flow Fixtures: Low Flow Fixtures can reduce your home water consumption by 50 percent. The fixtures are inexpensive and can be easily installed. This can be helpful to the environment because this saves water and you won't have to pay a lot of your water bills.

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2.2. Cool Roofs: Cool roofs can reduce energy bills by decreasing air conditioning needs. Cool roofs can help the environment by reducing local air temperatures, prevent power outages, and reduce power plant emissions.

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2.3. Tank-less Water Heater: Tank-less Water Heaters will never run out of hot water and can last from five to ten years. They can also reduce 20 percent off your water bill.

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2.4. Solar Water Heaters: Solar water heaters can warm up the water by using sunlight. These heaters can reduce your water bills and are helpful to the environment.

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3. Khadijah Hussain

3.1. High-Tech Thermostats : adjusts the temperature of a house according to your own choice. This is an easy solution and is designed to save energy used in a house. Therefore, this thermostat is a very energy efficient modern technology.

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3.2. Smart Lock : This lock has high-security for your home and is easily accessible with your phone. Your are notified easily on your mobile device for any activity.

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3.3. Smart Shower : For water conservation, this is the best technology. It tells you when the 2 minute recommended shower is finished and temperature can be easily modified.

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4. Mr Sherwood

4.1. Information 1

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5. Ariana Alvarez

5.1. High tech. Power Locks

5.1.1. the Power Lock is high tech Lock for doors that provides intelligent access in and out.


5.2. Orna Enterna Smart Shower

5.2.1. A Orna Enterna Smart Shower is basically a window cleaner made for showers but it works electrically. Its designed for water conservation and efficiency.

6. Iman Gauhar

6.1. Energy monitors can help you decrease the amount of energy you use. These monitors give you a constant analysis of the energy you use and can help you save up to 10-15% on your energy bill per year.

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6.2. Insulating your house using proper moisture control and ventilation methods can help save the energy. Due to poor insulation quality, an average 10% of energy you use every year is lost. Proper insulation can help you save up to $200 on your energy bill annually.

6.3. Green Plug AC/DC power outlets are designed to give your device the precise amount of power it needs and automatically cuts off when the device is no longer in need of power. This will save energy and will cut down costs.

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7.1. wi-fi connected appliances

7.1.1. something like a garage door you control with your phone


8. Alex Nguyen

8.1. LED Lights: LED lights are amazing. Now they are cheaper than before. LED lights are brighter than regular incandescent lights and CFLs. not only are LEDs cheaper, they are safer and more energy efficient. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are safer than CFLs, containing no mercury, and are much more energy efficient than other bulbs.

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8.2. Solar: Solar uses the Sun's energy as an energy resource to power things. The solar panels absorb the Sun's rays as light. This light is transferred as energy, through the solar cells that make up a solar panel. The Sun's light starts this flow of electricity.

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8.3. Wireless Home Security: Wireless home security is a very important tool for modern homes. Wireless security can be used when away from home. Hard wired wireless security goes off 98% of the time. Usually with wireless security less false alarms are made.


8.4. Power Plates: Power plates turn one outlet into several. This allows the outlet to be turned into multiple, usually consisting of 2 regular outlets and 2 USB ports that are usually for charging devices that have 2 parts, the wire and head.

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