Facebook Marketing: What's Not to "Like"?

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Facebook Marketing: What's Not to "Like"? by Mind Map: Facebook Marketing: What's Not to "Like"?

1. What are they doing?

1.1. Fan pages

1.2. Sidebar ads

1.3. Events

1.4. Deals for "Fans"

1.5. "Pay-Per-Click" "The Facebook Era"

1.6. Facebook|Marketing

2. What good is it doing?

2.1. Popularity/Functions of FB

2.1.1. "Study Finds..." TechCrunch

2.2. Easy of Advertising

2.2.1. "Pay-Per-Click" and "The Facebook Era"

2.2.2. "Social Media Are Easier Than You Think - NYTimes.com."

2.2.3. Small-Business Guide - Marketing Your Business With Facebook - NYTimes.com."

2.3. Using events and internet deals vs tv commercials and print ads

3. Who's using it?

3.1. "Study finds..." TechCrunch

3.2. "Coca-Cola's SuperBowl..."

3.3. Companies I know adding me as "friends" or fans"