Environmental Issues in the Middle East

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Environmental Issues in the Middle East by Mind Map: Environmental Issues in the Middle East

1. Oil is very expensive and it is found in very few places. For this reason there have been major wars and a lot of people got injured.

1.1. We think this because if there is a lot of oil in one area, people would try to fight for it, and claim ownership of it, which has been a big cause of wars in the past.

1.1.1. In an article online called 6 Global Conflicts That Have Flared Up Over Oil and Gas it states that, "On April 10th, forces from the newly independent state of South Sudan occupied the oil center of Heglig, a town granted to Sudan as part of a peace settlement that allowed the southerners to secede in 2011. The northerners, based in Khartoum, then mobilized their own forces and drove the South Sudanese out of Heglig. Fighting has since erupted all along the contested border between the two countries, accompanied by air strikes on towns in South Sudan." This shows that oil has become so important to us that we have started wars over it.

2. Since there is a lot of oil in parts of the Middle East, people became reliant on those parts of the region.

2.1. For instance, according to the article, "Morocco, for example, until now completely reliant on imports..." This affects the economy in negative and beneficial ways by making those countries rich, but overly populated.

2.1.1. A solution for these problems is splitting up oil stations in different countries, without having them crowded up in one place.

3. There are many deserts in the Middle East.

3.1. This is not convenient for people living in the Middle East because the dry climate doesn't allow the growth of edible crops.

3.2. Since deserts are very hot, people need to be hydrated more. However, the problem is that deserts don't contain a lot of water sources.

3.2.1. A solution for these water problems is to make more desalination plants, even though it may take away important minerals from water. This makes more water for people to use.

4. People are being negatively affected because of lack of water.

4.1. People aren't able to farm because of not enough water.

4.1.1. This leads to lack of food sources. Which leads to people migrating to other countries such as America for a "better life." So the population in other places decrease while the population of America increases. Which leads to people without money going hungry.

4.2. People are losing money because they can't afford the huge cost of water. According to the text, water in Jordan increased 30% due to shortage of groundwater.

5. Too much oil creates air pollution.

5.1. This negatively affects humans' health.

5.1.1. This leads to more hospitalized people and deaths/illnesses ocurred. People may lose money from hospital bills. Families might lose money because of losing the "worker" of the family. For example, a family of four may have lost their father, who brought home the paycheck. Therefore, the family might have to live "frugally". Therefore, the economy of the country might drop.