Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs

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Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs by Mind Map: Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs

1. Learning Profiles

1.1. Auditory Learner

1.1.1. Seung bin is very attentive when I speak and learns best through hearing.

1.1.2. A strategy to help him would be to play a dialogue of two people asking and answering each other's questions with the 5Ws and How. This way he can rely on his strength which is hearing to learn. Another method would be for him to use his phone to record the class and play it back to review for homework. He will also benefit from listening to other student's dialogues.

1.2. Visual Learner

1.2.1. June needs to see something to learn.

1.2.2. A strategy to help him learn is to watch a video of the dialogue of people asking and answering each other's questions. I could even have subtitles so he can read along while watching. I can also write the key points and vocabulary on the board to support his learning style. He will also be able to learn from watching students perform their dialogues in the final task.

1.3. Tactile Learner

1.3.1. Chloe and Anna like to learn by doing and through action.

1.3.2. They can take notes while watching and listening to the dialogue. Then they can construct their own dialogue either together or in pairs, depending on whether they learn best independently or alone. If they like to collaborate, they can also act their dialogue out to further involve movement to learn. If they would prefer to not act out the final task live in class, they could record it either with skype, voicethread, gchat, or post on youtube.

2. Readiness Levels

2.1. Sung yun is in over his head because his mother insists he level up to an English class too advanced for him.

2.1.1. To accommodate him, I could give him material to familiarize him with what we will be covering in class so he can preview. For example, I could give him hand outs on verbs, nouns, present simple tense and have him compose fill in the blank question and answers.

2.1.2. In addition to previewing, he could review after class to reinforce what he learned before and in class. This could be a little more difficult since he had some foundation and he could compose one side of a dialogue and punctuate some sentences.

2.2. Rosa is extremely advanced because English is her favorite subject.

2.2.1. I could partner her up with Sung yun so that she can help him improve while reinforcing her knowledge by teaching him.

2.2.2. She is also really interested in reading so for extra credit, she could do book reports on the dialogues in a list of books as homework.

3. Objective

3.1. Students will review nouns, verbs, capitalization, punctuation, complete sentences, simple present tense, subject and verb placement, the 5Ws, and how to punctuate with question marks. Then they will compose a dialogue of at least two questions and answers with a partner.

4. Interests

4.1. Sports

4.1.1. Seong yun and Jack are not interested in English at all but their parents insist they study it to enter a good college. What they are really interested in is soccer and their friends.

4.1.2. To accommodate them, they can choose soccer as the topic for their dialogue. They can also imagine that one of them is Ronaldo and answer questions based on how he would. For a 21st century skill, they could blog their discussion.

4.2. Music

4.2.1. Bo gyung and Ji yeon are middle schoolers and too cool for school. They also don't really care about learning English but are really interested in boys and K-pop music.

4.2.2. In class, they can compose songs using the 5Ws and How. For homework, they can research song lyrics that make use of those questions and even answer them based on their own feelings. They could make a podcast with their song, post it on social media, and ask the 5W1H questions to people who comment on their post.

4.3. Computer Games

4.3.1. Chang wook is really interested in the computer game Civilization.

4.3.2. An idea for him to apply 5W1H would be to ask questions about the game such as: Who do I like to play as? When is this time period? How can I win?