Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

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Pre-Assessment for Differentiation by Mind Map: Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

1. 5 Students from Over Acheivers

1.1. Extra (challenging) homework and assignments

1.2. Assist the teacher

1.3. Help classmates with the content

2. 5 Students from Rhodes Scholars

2.1. Works in a small group with the teacher

2.2. Receives help from knowledgeable classmates

2.3. Comes in at lunch or after school for tutoring

2.4. Additional activities or homework to gain a better understanding of the content

3. Differentiation Groups

3.1. Over Acheivers-Students that perform well on the pre-assessment; all correct

3.2. Ready or Not-Students that perform okay on the pre-assessment; missed 2 questions

3.3. Rhodes Scholars-Students that do not do well on the pre-assessment; in need of extra support

4. Assessments

4.1. Pop Quizzes

4.2. Formative-Thumbs UP/DOWN

4.3. Students demo skills on the board

4.4. Exam at the end of the unit

5. 12 Students from Ready or Not

5.1. Stay on pace with the current lesson

5.2. Work in pairs or small groups