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Deposition by Mind Map: Deposition

1. Landforms shaped by water

1.1. Stream Erosion

1.1.1. Erodes land and transports cement, Erosion by streams depends on the stream energy

2. Landforms Shaped by water vocabulary

2.1. Meander- A broad, C - shaped curve in a stream.

2.2. Longshore Current- A current that flows parallel to the shore

2.3. Delta- A large deposit of sediment that forms where a stream enters a large body of water

2.4. Loess- A crumbly, windblown Deposit of silt and clay.

2.5. Abrasion- The grinding away of rock or other surfaces as particles carried by wind, water or ice scrape against them.

2.6. Dune- A pile of windblown sand

3. Mass wasting and Glaciers Vocabulary

3.1. Landslide- The rapid downhill movement of soil, loose rocks and boulders.

3.2. Talus- A pile of angular rocks deposited at the bace of a slope

3.3. Glacier- A large mass of ice that formed on land and moves slowly across Earths surface

3.4. Till- A mixture of various sizes of sediment deposited by a glacier

3.5. Outwash- Layered sediment deposited by streams of water that flow from a melty glacier

4. Erosion and Deposition Vocab

4.1. Weathering- The process of breaking down materials by weather like rain water etc.

4.2. Erosion- The removal of weathering materials from one location to another

4.3. Sorting- Separation of items into groups according to one or more properties

4.4. Deposition- The laying down or setting of eroded material

4.5. Rounding- When rock fragments bump against each other during erosion