Who our audience is

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Who our audience is by Mind Map: Who our audience is

1. Interests our audience may have

2. Our audience may be interested in mental health and the issues that arise from it. For example if someone is studying mental health, they may want to compare the different ways of how mental health is portrayed by watching our film.

3. Our audience will get an insight into what mental illness is like. Perhaps they will connect in a way to the characters if they feel the emotions.

4. Age

5. Our target audience is aged between 15-24. We decided to aim our film at this age range as the people who are making the thriller and who are acting in the thriller are still young. However our film will not be appropriate for children as there will be scenes of strong violence and strong language.

6. From statistics it is clear that more younger people suffer with mental illness more than older people. Therefore we want our audience to question the messages shown through this opening as it is likely they will already have good knowledge about mental health

7. Gender

8. Statistics show that woman are more likely to suffer with mental illness in their life time than men are. Considering that our group consists of all females, our film is aimed at mainly females.

9. Our film addresses gender issues as well as mental illness. Sometimes woman are unrepresented in films, we wanted to make a thriller where women are more dominate and play a significant role in the film/opening.

10. Location

11. Our audience will come from a mixture of urban and rural areas. However our opening is set in a wood/ forest so this is more rural than urban.

12. Ethnicity

13. Our audience isn't aimed at a particular ethnicity. Anyone can suffer with mental illness or simply just wants to watch our film for the thrills.

14. We would encourage ethnic minorities to watch our opening, as any of those who suffer with mental health may feel that they can be understood.

15. Mass or Niche?

16. We aim to attract a niche audience as they can be very influential. They tend to be more active as they question the messages being shown.

17. Niche audiences are more influential even though they are a smaller group of people. Therefore the messages of mental health portrayed through our opening will be shared and spoke about through their community. Our film isn't for mass consumption as only a small number of people may be interested in mental health.