Properties for Geometry Proofs

Lists the geometrical properties needed for congruency proofs.

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Properties for Geometry Proofs by Mind Map: Properties for Geometry Proofs

1. Circles

1.1. Radii

1.1.1. Are always equal in length

1.2. Diameter

1.2.1. Always double the length of the radius

2. Triangles

2.1. Equilateral Triangle

2.1.1. Three equal sides

2.1.2. Three equal angles

2.2. Isosceles Triangle

2.2.1. Two sides equal

2.2.2. Angles opposite equal sides equal (base angles)

2.3. Scalene Triangle

2.3.1. No equal sides

2.3.2. No equal angles

2.4. Right Angles Triangle

2.4.1. One angle is a right angle

3. Parallel Lines

3.1. Alternate angles

3.1.1. Form a Z shape

3.1.2. Are always equal

3.2. Consecutive-Interior Angles

3.2.1. Form a C shape

3.2.2. Are Supplmentary

3.3. Corresponding Angles

3.3.1. Form a F shape

3.3.2. Are always equal