Old Yeller by Nathan Lovell

This is a template of the reading comprehension map for Ms. Moix's English class.

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Old Yeller by Nathan Lovell by Mind Map: Old Yeller by Nathan Lovell

1. `

1.1. Fred Gipson

1.2. febuary 7th 1908 to august 14 1973

1.3. American

1.4. About

2. General Info

2.1. 1995

2.2. realistic fiction

2.3. English

2.4. salt Licks, texas 1860s

3. Plot

3.1. intro:There has been an outbreak of rabies in Texas and Travis's father is on a cattle drive and has left him in charge of his home so when a big ugly " Yeller "dog comes along and steals meat from there meat house Travis wants to kill it but his little brother wants to keep it so he stays.

3.2. old yeller saves them from lots of things including a bear and hog attack and almost dies for them.

3.3. conflict:Lot of animals are falling prey to rabies including cows, loafer wolves and foxes. if you got bit that was it.

3.4. Travis and old yeller go out to mark hog piglets in the woods but things turn for the worst and Travis falls from the little hill he was on and gets attacked by the hog and he gets cut on his calf right down to the bone but old Yeller saves him at a terrible cost and he get his belly cut open and his entrails get taken out luckily those weren't hurt Travis hides him and goes home to get his mother

3.5. Conclusion: as yeller is fighting the wolf it bites him and Travis has to kill him. The pup he got from a girl it is old yeller's pup and it reminds him of old yeller.

4. Themes, Allusions & Symbols

4.1. Themes To do whatever it takes to survive, and don't judge things or people by the way they look.

4.2. Symbols i think that Travis's Dad is a symbol for him and he wants to grow into a man like his father.

4.3. Allusion mentioned the civil war, and the Indians moving to reservations.

5. Characters

5.1. Travis coates

5.2. Old yeller

5.3. Nature

6. Vocabulary

6.1. Section 1

6.1.1. Word 1, dingy " One part mean't that his short hair was like a dingy yellow..." gloomy or drad

6.1.2. Word 2, aching "you know i've been aching all over for a horse to ride." intense feeling

6.2. Section 2

6.2.1. Word 1, colt " papa shot a big panther right after it had leaped on a colt mule and broken it's neck with one slap of it's heavy forepaw." a Horse or mule or zebra that's under four years of age.

6.2.2. Word 2, sulled "... and a baby possum that sulled..." hurt pride or integrity

6.3. Section 3

6.3.1. Word 1,

6.3.2. Word 2,

6.4. Section 4

6.4.1. Word 1,

6.4.2. Word 2,

7. Summary

7.1. Section 1: chapter 1-4, In chapter one we find out about why they called him old yeller and that Travis's pop was going o a cattle drive for some much needed "cash" money and the time frame is just after the civil war.in chapter two Travis threatens his little brother by telling him if he didn't stop playing in there drinking water he would "wear him to a frazzle". and in the end of that chapter we find old Yeller eating some meat that was hanging on a hook and Travis beat the dog but arliss stopped him and his mother told him to keep it. In chapter three Travis goes to kill a deer and succeeds. When he gets home he finds the dog in there water and nails him in between the eyes with a rock but again arliss protects him by throwing rocks at Travis. Also unlike when they first met the dog never ever took meat from the meathouse again.

7.2. Section 2: chapter 4-8,In chapter four two bulls get into a fight but old yeller stops them and Travis wants to be rid if him even more because he wanted to watch the fight. But he did it to protect them because the bulls fought all the way to there house.In chapter 5 Arliss his little brother tries to catch a bear cub and while he is trying to get away with it the momma comes and old yeller fights it while Travis gets him away from the cub.In chapter six It mainly just talks about things old yeller helps Travis with like hunting or tracking.Also he was stealing from the others in area to eat.Chapter 7 There corn is rippening which attracts coons and skunks it tells how they fought of a boar coon and how horrid it was to kill the skunks.They also have to milk a stubborn cow which was in the hills and Yeller pulls a nice trick on her and then he helps to brake he for milking.Chapter 8 A young man Burn Sanderson says old yeller is one of his herding dogs and needs him but in the end lets him keep it and warns Travis of the rabies in the area

7.3. Section 3: chapter 8-12, Chapter 9 AT first Travis is worried about the plague but goes to rounding and marking hogs and forgets about it.chapter 10 Bud Searcy tells him about a couple of hogs in the bat cave it goes easy but the the dirt hill gave out beneath his weight and he gets his calf on his left leg mauled with a deep cut but old yeller saves his but get his belly cut open to where his entrails get spilled out and Travis fixes his entrails back into his gut and walks home to get his mom. Chapter 11 once he gets home his mom doctors the wound and the next day they go get old yeller and bring him home he is still alive.

7.4. Section 4:chapter 12-16, chapter 12 for the next couple of weeks old yeller and Travis get laid up in the cabin due to their injuries which means they cant work, so his mom has to do it. a drought happens and their mule jumper doesn't have anything to eat so he jumps the fence and starts eating corn so his mom gives him a drag to stop him from jumping the fence. then bud searcy and Lisbeth searcy come over ounce they hear of Travis being laid up and lisbeth brings him the best of miss prissy and old yeller's pups but Travis accidentally says the wrong thing to her and hurts her feelings. In the end she stays to help his mom work and she is a big help. Chapter 13, their milk cow fails to show up for her milking and feeding her calf so they get worried something happened to her then she shows up and tries to make fight with his mom and ignores her calf at first they think that she got a hold of a pea vine but they quickly figure out that isn't the case.Then a couple days later the roan bull we read about in chapter 4 but somethings wrong and he is lots worse than spot. It is to where he isn't acting the same he is doing the opposite of what a bull does he even runs into a tree. Travis tells his mom and before anything she runs to the creek and gets the kids not before the bull hears her and tries to ram her but is too sick with rabies and and falls then Travis shoots him between the eyes. chapter 14, they cant leave a dead bull in front of the house the smell would drive them out so they have to burn it on the spot because he is to heavy to move and they don't want animals to eat him on chance of spreading the disease. It takes two days to burn that bull. and they have to do the same for the spot cow and ounce Travis kills her he is so worn out he hardly can stand due to his swelling leg so his mom and Lisbeth go to burn it but it takes them a while to get back so Travis starts to get worried. Chapter fifteen, Travis hears dogs fighting and then he hears jumper snorting and his mom telling him to get his gun and a light to shoot it and tells him it is a loafer wolf then he sees yeller fighting it so his mom lisbeth and jumper can get away and he gets ready to shoot but doesn't on account of hitting and killing old yeller so he waits till the wolf gets his jaws on yellers throat and then he shoots it. His mom told him what happened and then she states the wolf had to be mad but no wolf act like that and travis says it's good yeller came along and his mom says it was for them not for yeller he had been bitten by a mad wolf which meant that he would get the rabbies too.