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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. Themes

1.1. fantasy

1.1.1. The fantasy genre could be used for the desktop, it would be very vibrant and appealing to all ages, everybody loves fantasy because anything is possible, and the finished desktp project could be anything as fantasy is pure imagination.

1.2. sci-fi

1.2.1. sci-fi could be could for the desktop project becasue sci-fi tends not to be very graphic thus it would appeal to all ages, because it is science fiction it is as fantasy in that all of the images you see are all imagination their for the possibilities are endless.

1.3. Horror

1.3.1. The horror genre could be too graphic for a desktop design as it is not suitable for all ages and could offend certain people because it tends to have alot of gore and graphic content which isnt appropriate for young children

1.4. War

1.4.1. War would not be a very good choice for a desktop project because of the content it has, it wouldnt be appropriate for children and people could take offence to it for unknown reasons.

2. Target audience

2.1. Must be suitable for children and younger students.

2.2. Must aslo be suitable and apply to adults

2.3. Must appear universal, thus to satisfy all generations

3. what to include

3.1. Pictures

3.2. Shipley college Logo has to be included in the desktop

3.3. Design: The design has to be vibrant and entertaining, it has to appeal to all ages and must be approprate to everyone.

3.4. Text: The text must be brief and short but must say enough for people to understand the message that is being put out.

3.5. Contemporary design

3.6. The media suit logo also has to be included

4. Tattoo designs

4.1. Tattoos could be great if adaptated for a desktop design because they are colourful and appealing.

4.1.1. koi fish

4.1.2. japanese cherry blossom

4.1.3. Ying Yang