5 lesson learning sequence

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5 lesson learning sequence by Mind Map: 5 lesson learning sequence

1. WA Technologies curriculum

1.1. Digital Technologies

1.1.1. Year 1 Including year level descriptions

1.2. Design and Technologies

2. Lesson 1

2.1. Students will look at Bee bots identfying how to apply basic programming/coding skills

2.1.1. Knowledge and understanding Digital systems (hardware and software) are used in everyday life and have specific features (ACTDIK001) Relevant elaborations for this sequence of learning include ( see notes icon attached); General capabilities

2.1.2. Processes and production skills

3. Lesson 2

4. Lesson 3

5. Lesson 4

6. Lesson 5

6.1. Lesson summary; students will work with their buddies to record the movement sequnece of bee bots they will describe how to program the bee bot

6.1.1. Process and Prodiction Skills

6.1.2. Designing

6.1.3. - Develop and communicate design ideas through describing, drawing, modelling and/or a sequence of written or spoken steps General capabilities Literacy Numeracy Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability Critical and creative thinkin