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Volcanoes by Mind Map: Volcanoes

1. Strombolian: erupts indistinct bursts of fluid lava usually basaltic or basaltic andesite. The explosions occur every few minutes at regular or irregular intervals.

2. Lava Dome

2.1. forms when very viscous rubbly lava is squeezed through a vent without exploding

3. shield

3.1. These are the largest volcanoes on the earth (diameters usually vary from a few kilometers to over 100) . These volcanoes mainly consist of basalt.

4. Types

5. Plinian: the largest and most violent of all types of volcanic eruptions. caused by fragmentation of gassy lava usually associated with very viscous magmas.

6. Vulcanian: short, violent, relatively small explosion of viscous lava usually andesite, dacite, or rhyolite. These types of eruptions are repetitive and can go on for days, months, or years or they may precede even larger explosive eruptions

7. Surtseyan

7.1. a hydromagmatic eruption where magma or lava reacts explosively with water

8. Eruptions

9. Hawaiian

9.1. fluid basaltic lava is thrown into the air from a vent or a fissure

9.2. can last for hours or even days this is known as fire fountaining

10. Strato

10.1. These volcanoes suffer explosive eruptions. They are generally tall and one of the most devastating volcanoes. Highly viscous lava flows.

11. Cinder cones

11.1. Cinder cones are generally found near other volcanoes. They have a coned shaped peak. Small hill shape that can vary from tens of meters to hundreds of meters

12. Caldera complexes

12.1. Most explosive type of volcano. Doesn't usually have height; loses height from huge explosions and it collapses on itself.