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The Aviation Industry by Mind Map: The Aviation Industry
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The Aviation Industry

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Part 121

FAA "Call to Action"

The FAA is known to have a "tombstone mentality" where actions only take place after a very serous acciedent


Working Conditions

15-20,000 a year

100 hours a month


3.0 FAA’s Airline Safety and Pilot Training Action Plan

Lost 1,000 air traffic controllers in the last 2 years


General Aviation


100ll Releasing Lead

The Major Industry


Cheap cuts

Economy- pilot wages decreased while hours increase

8,500 pilots lost their jobs

lost between $3 billion and $5 billion

To save $, risk safety of people both on the ground and customers in the air

Many regional aircraft use the major industry names (such as Continental or Southwestern) to attract customers.

Over eight commercial "major lea carriers did not have any component of a notable training system

On 9 Commercial airlines 70 percent of planes were outsourced

Regional carriers pilot experience very low hours

Airlines take advantage of the fact that people stay flying because they love it, so they can pay pilots as little as they want and they will still do it


Buffalo Flight 3407

Pilot Error Statistics