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1. Public

1.1. Production

1.1.1. About Methanol

1.1.2. Renewable Methanol CO2-to-Methanol in Iceland PPT- Benedikt Stefansson, Director of Business Development, Carbon Recyling International (CRI) Power to Methanol in German & European Context PPT - Christian Schweitzer, Manging Director, bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH Syngas from Renewables: Production of Green Methanol PPT - Jim Abbott, Strategic R&D Engineer, Process Technologies, Johnson Matthey Plc Biomass-to-Methanol PPT- Bo Gleerup, CEO and Co-Founder, Nordic Green Waste-to-Methanol: a commerciality with Enerkem PPT - Marie-Helene Labrie, Senior VP, Government Affairs and Communications, Enerkem

1.2. Markets

1.2.1. Chemical Methanol to Olefins Methanol to Olefins Technology; Hydrocarbon Engineering Dec-2013 Video of Olefin Cracking: An innovative process for making plastics Methanol to Olefins - Honeywell Company 2014 PPT Formaldehyde Formaldehyde FactSheet Methanol in Our Daily Lives

1.2.2. Energy Automotive Fuel Methanol Gasoline Blends Technical Bulletin GEM Fuels Development - New Ways of Introducing Methanol into Transport Fuel PPT -Jamie Turner; Bath University Methanol Use in Gasoline Technical Bulletin China: The Leader in Methanol Transportation Fact Sheet Use of Methanol as a Transportation Fuel Paper (Nov. '07) Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy (Olah Essay) Marine Fuel Safe Berthing Manual Safe Berthing Checklists Marine Fuel Fact Sheet Methanol: The Marine Fuel of the Future PPT - Per Stefenson; Stena Teknik Methanol: A Future Fuel for Shipping PPT - Erik Lewenhaupt; Stena Group DME DME Factsheet DME Fundamentals - Rebecca Boudreaux; Oberon Fuels DME Experience in HDV - Jan Arnell, Project Manager DME, Volvo Group Trucks Technology Into to DME - Theo Fleish; XTL & DME Institute DME Value Proposition Chris Kidder; Intl DME Association Biodiesel Biodiesel Fact Sheet Waste Oils as Resource of Biodiesel PPT - Roberto Vazquez CEO, ASB Biodiesel Fuel Cells Methanol Fuel Cells: Powering the World’s Future Energy Needs PPT - Jim Boettcher; Oorja Fuel Cells Methanol Fuel Cells PPT - Mad Friis Jensen; SerEnergy Electricity Market and Economic Assessment of Using Methanol for Power Generation in the Caribbean Region - Article from Journal of the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago Methanol to Power PPT - Hayden Furlonge; MHTL

1.2.3. Environmental Impact Video Clip of Paul Moschell Methanol Reduce Carbon Emissions White Paper: Methanol Use in Hydraulic Fracturing (Jan '11) White Paper: The Fate & Transport of Methanol in the Environment (1999) Wastewater Treatment Video clip of Matt Ries on Methanol in Wastewater Treatment Methanol Use in Denitrification - Importance of Denitrification Methanol Use in Denitrification - Why do Some Wastewater Treatment Plants Need to Remove Nitrogen? Methanol Use in Denitrification- Working Safely with Methanol in Biological Denitrification Systems Exponent Report on Methanol in Denitrification

1.3. Safety

1.3.1. Safe Handling

1.4. Source Requests

2. Industry

2.1. Events

2.2. The Methanol Industry

2.2.1. Our Members

2.2.2. Association Partners

2.2.3. Industry Experts

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Methanol Properties Boiling & Flash Point of Methanol Freezing Points of Methanol Exponent Report on Methanol in Denitrification ASTM-1152/97 Spec for Pure Methanol Physical Properties of Pure Methanol Latent Heat & Vaporazation IMPCA Methanol Spec (Feb '14) Water-Methanol Mix Densities Physical & Chemical Properties to Manage Flammable Liquid Hazards (Parts 1-3)

2.3.2. Materials Compatibility Compatibility of Elastomers in Neat Methanol Service Compatibility of Metal Alloys in Neat Methanol Service Materials Selection for Neat Methanol Service

2.3.3. Safe Handling Safe Handling Manual Various Languages Methanol Safe Handling Take Home Tips NSTA Laboratory Safe Handling Overview Methanol Small Quantities Bulletin Methanol Rail Car & Tanker Truck Accident Response Nitrogen Blanketing for Ships Methanol Drum Transport Handling & Storage Piracy on the High Seas Nitrogen Blanketing for Methanol Storage & Transportation Atmospheric Above Ground Tank Storage of Methanol Precautions for Loading & Unloading Methanol Safety Snapshot Newsletter Methanol Safe Handling Presentation (Jan '10) Water, Environment & Technology Magazine: Methanol Handling Practices (Nov. '07)

2.3.4. Bootleg Alcohol Prevention LIAM Charity Foundation MI & LIAM Project Lauch Press Release MI Statement on Bootleg Alcohol

3. Members Only

3.1. Board of Directors

3.2. Board Meetings

3.2.1. November 2015 Beijing GFBC Leg/Reg PSC MDC BAPS Treasurer's Report Proposed Operation Budget 2016

3.2.2. June 2015 London GFBC Leg/Reg PSC MDC Treasurer's Report Proposed Operation Budget 2016 China Strategic Planning Memo

3.2.3. April 2015 San Antonio CEO Update GFBC PPT Leg/Reg PPT PSC PPT MDC PPT Treasurer's Report Proposed Operation Budget 2016 Presentation on Technology & Social Media

3.3. Committees

3.3.1. Leg/Reg

3.3.2. MDC

3.3.3. PSC BAPS

3.3.4. GFBC Marine Fuels

3.3.5. Committee Roster

3.4. Member Directory

3.5. Marketing Development Resources

3.5.1. WWT Database

3.6. Membership Recruitment Tools

3.6.1. Membership Application Form

3.6.2. Membership Flyer

3.6.3. Membership Brochure

3.6.4. MI Value Proposition

3.6.5. Director's Report

3.6.6. Milestones Annual Newsletter

3.7. Events

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4.1. About Us

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4.1.3. Methanol Foundation

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