Lesson Planning

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Maps

1.1. Objectives

1.1.1. Grade 5 Social Studies 5.3.1 European Expansion North and West KL-020 Locate on a map of Canada places and regions of historical significance to the fur trade and the Métis Nation.

1.1.2. Domains Cognitive P-3.2 designs own electronic plans Affective Pr-2.1 selects a suitable ICT application and/or device to create electronic work and explains the selection

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. Review In grade 4, students will be taight a brief history of Manitoba. Permission form to use internet.

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Google Map Maker

1.3.2. The Internet

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. Lesson Title Fur Trade Routes

1.4.2. Goals of Lesson For students to understand how to perform mapping tasks on Google maps.

1.4.3. Content Kids will research and create a mapped route to and from a fur trade post.

1.4.4. Method of Instruction Lessons about different trade posts. Brief lesson about how to use the Google map maker.

1.4.5. Method of Evaluation The students will present to the class and I will evaluate on a rubric established ahead of time.

2. Collaboration

2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. Grade 8 Art A-C2 students develop original artworks, creatively integrating ideas and art elements, principles, and media.

2.1.2. Domains Affective Co-2.1 collaborates with peers to accomplish self-directed learning with ICT in various settings Cognitive C-1.1 displays and/or discusses electronic work

2.2. Prerequisites

2.2.1. Knowledge of how to use Google Docs Permission form for use of internet.

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Internet

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Collage Project

2.4.2. Students are going to be put into groups to make a collage online. They will be assigned a topic for the week and as part of the group, they will have to design a collage to represent their thoughts on the topic.

2.4.3. The students will be required to design a collage on Google Documents each week collaboratively with their classmates. They will be required to work on their collage when they have a moment of free time during the week. They will then present the collage at the end of each week and tell us why they chose the images they did. The students are free to find images on the internet or design their own.

2.4.4. The topic of the week will be introduced and the kids will have the whole week to complete the collage.

2.4.5. The students will receive both a group mark for collaboration and an individual mark for their participation.

3. Podcasting

3.1. Objectives

3.1.1. Grade 8 Health ‘ K.5.8.A.1 Examine positive and negative health habits of daily living for self and/or others (e.g., daily physical activity, skin care, hygiene, dental hygiene, rest, caring for others, handling/sharing of food/beverages, tobacco use...) ‘ K.5.8.A.2 Examine lifestyle practices (e.g., physical activity habits, nutritional habits, use of tobacco and alcohol, rest habits, personal hygiene, stress management...) and their effects on body systems (e.g., contribute to or prevent coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, depression...)

3.1.2. Domains Affective M-1.1 demonstrates confidence and self-motivation while doing ICT tasks alone and with others Cognitive G-2.4 analyzes whether information collected from media sources is sufficient and/or suitable for purpose and audience G-3.1 incorporates new information with prior knowledge and adjusts inquiry strategies

3.2. Resources

3.2.1. Voice recording Device

3.2.2. Internet

3.3. Prerequisites

3.3.1. Knowledge on healthy living that will be discussed and brainstormed in the classroom. Permission form to use internet.

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. How to Keep Living a Healthy Life

3.4.2. The goals of this lesson is for student to determine what a person must do to maintain a healthy life. They will also identify practices that may not be the healthiest and what impacts that will have on their health. (Ex: smoking, eating too much junk food)

3.4.3. The students will do research on healthy practises and pick one that they would like to focus on. They will then research their topic and develop a podcast targeted at an audience that is their age.

3.4.4. We will begin by brainstorming as a class, the different topics that they may choose if they wish. We will be sure to go over both the healthy and unhealthy things one can do to their body and what lifestyle practices will help them get a healthy body.

3.4.5. Evaluation will consist of both peer evaluation as well as a final evaluation put together by me. The students will have another students in their class listen to their work and evaluate based on a pre determined rubric.

4. Videos

4.1. Objectives

4.1.1. Grade 5 Science 5-1-02 Interpret nutritional information found on food labels.

4.1.2. Domains Affective Co-1.1 works with others in teacher-directed learning tasks using ICT and assists others with ICT knowledge and procedures Cognitive Pr-2.2 revises electronic work to improve organization and clarity, enhance content and artistry, and meet audience needs, according to established criteria, feedback, and personal preferences

4.2. Prerequisites

4.2.1. Knowledge of how to record video. Permission form to use internet.

4.3. Resources

4.3.1. Internet

4.3.2. IPhone or any video recording device

4.4. Notes

4.4.1. Maintaining a Healthy Body

4.4.2. Read and understand nutrition labels.

4.4.3. The students will pick a product and read the nutrition label and destruct all of the hidden messages it may contain. (Ex: the amount of sugar, lack of nutrients, amount of fat, number of calories, etc)

4.4.4. The students will do independent research on how to read nutrition labels and things to look for in the ingredient list.

4.4.5. A rubric will be made as a class as to what the students are expected to do in their video. *rubric included says music video, would be switched to health studies video