Socrates Dialogue

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Socrates Dialogue by Mind Map: Socrates Dialogue

1. Euthyphro

1.1. What is Piety?

1.1.1. E: Prosecuting the evil. S: Generic of the concept-holiness-piety.

1.1.2. E: What is loved by the Gods. S: The gods may diagree. E: The gods love justice.

1.1.3. S: Which comes first - holiness or being loved by the gods? S: Holiness is just a part of justice. E: Providing a service or benefit to the gods.

1.1.4. S: What can we give the gods?

2. Thrasymachus

2.1. T: What is Justice?

2.1.1. The interest of the stronger.

2.1.2. "Might makes right"

2.2. S: What does the stronger mean?

2.2.1. T: The interest of the stronger ruler.

2.3. S: What if the ruler makes a bad law?

2.3.1. This actually leads to injustice.

3. Aristotle

3.1. Aristotle's Biology

3.1.1. "All men by nature desire to know. An example is the delight we take in our senses." How do we differ from animals? Animals have the power of sensation and perseption. Humans have reason - we can comprehend the universals.

3.1.2. Nothing happens by chance. The Four Causes Material-the material in which the thing is made. Formal- the shape/form a thing must take to be recognized. Efficient- the actual cause/force used to make the thing. Final- what is the ultimate purpose of the thing?

3.1.3. We use knowledge to understand the world. Teleogical System Human goal is to achieve happiness.