What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. Today's thoughts, however lame or stupid they may sound,will come as the future technologies. Its like our minds are working hard to make our lives easier that in a certain way they are actually making us lazy. But that doesn't matter as long as we're empowering lives and helping people to lead a better life. Humans are the reproductive organs of technology. We multiply manufactured artefacts and spread ideas and memes. ― Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants This quote by Kevin Kelly emphasises on how we are gunning for more technological advancements.

2. Technology is a blessing to have as it has magically transformed lives of almost every person living on this planet. But for some the influence of technology has been so immense that it has in a way empowered them to lead a successful life. As we can witness in the Microsoft Super-bowl Commercial, the advancements in technology has given them a new hope, a hope that helps them believe in themselves and actually hold a remarkable position in society. Technology is actually a Magical Wand to those people.

3. What it Really Is?

4. After viewing the module, I completely agree with the fact that defining 'Technology' is not as easy as it looks.It depends on the field we are taking it to consideration.For some people simple inventions such as a fan or a washing machine could be technology and while there exists a set of people for which technology is all about the modern day advancements in fields like robotics. The confusion surrounding the concept ‘technology’ is an indication of a kind of lag in public language, that is, a failure of both ordinary speech and social scientific discourse to keep pace with the reality that needs to be discussed.”There may be a better way, but “at present our concepts fail us. -Langdon Winner, Autonomous Technology, 1977 Winner throws light on the fact that how difficult it is to come up with a definition to the term technology that can be universally applicable.

5. Creative Element

6. I created a mindmap because I thought it looked quiet nice and creative.I really enjoyed making this as the end product looks great.This was my first time creating a mindmap and I didn't even knew about this thing before. This helped me present my idea in a unique way

7. References

7.1. Computer Technology

7.2. Wearable Technology

7.3. Robotics

7.4. Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial

7.5. Kevin Kelly,What Technology Wants

7.6. Mobile Technology

7.7. Technology in Business

8. Technology, according to me, is anything that makes our life easier with use of certain scientific techniques. Technology on the whole is a very vast topic .We come across thousands of technological inventions in our daily lives without even realising that these things never existed in the past and it is just because of the scientific advancements during the ages that we are able to witness these things. From waking up with the help of an alarm clock to tweeting "Just woke up!", and letting the internet know that the night owl is finally awake, through a smartphone ,it is all technology.We're surrounded by this or as the older generations would say - "We've been trapped by technology".

9. Robotics

10. Computer Technology

11. My Perception

12. Some Insightful Quotes

12.1. Technology [is] the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it Max Frisch,Homo Faber,1957

12.2. This is the whole point of technology. It creates an appetite for immortality on the one hand. It threatens universal extinction on the other. Technology is lust removed from nature. Don DeLillo, White Noise: Text and Criticism

12.3. "We're changing the World with Technology" Bill Gates(2015)

12.4. Kevin Kelly

12.5. Langdon Winner

13. Conclusion

14. Wearable Technology

15. Technology, in today's world, exists as a term that is present everywhere. It is present in every field of life some of them being education,business,information technology,robotics,electronics. We should be thankful to the mankind for introducing us to technology.However small its existence, we cannot deny the fact that living without any sort of technology even for a short period of time is unthinkable for us.But the anomaly that remains is that in spite of the tremendous amount of time we spend surrounded by technology, we are still unable to come across a constant definition of technology.

16. Mobile Technology

17. Technology in Business