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1. Defining Technology: According to UNCTAD, technology is defined as "Technology is bought and sold as capital goods including machinery and productive systems, human labour usually skilled manpower, management and specialized scientists. Information of both technical and commercial character, including that which is readily available, and that subject to proprietary rights and restrictions." I disagree with this definition of technology. I believe that technology is not just merely a production factor. i believe that technology is everywhere and it helps us in our everyday lives. We cannot run from technology since its getting more advanced everyday and soon we will be surrounded by it. Technology is not just merely products but there is a bigger meaning to all these devices we use, it affects us individually and socially.

2. Technology Before:Before reading this module, i thought of technology as electronic devices such as cellphones, TV's, Games and various other advanced electronics. I have always thought that technology can create problems and solve problems too. We use technology in our everyday live such as cellphones. For example, i have reminders on my cellphone and use the notes in my cellphone to remind myself for all deadlines.

3. Technology Now: After reading the module, i understood that it is hard to define technology and there wasn't even a clear definition of technology before the 1930's.

3.1. According, to Kumar, Kumar & Persuad (1999) ""technology has two primary components: 1) a physical component which comprises of items such as products, tooling, equipments, blueprints, techniques, and processes; and 2) the informational component which consists of know-how in management, marketing, production, quality control, reliability, skilled labor and functional areas."

4. An emotional look, by Microsoft. The Commercial had a very strong message about how technology is used more and more in our daily lives. It helps several individuals throughout the world and helps us all stay connected.

5. Creativity: i wanted to create mindmap since i have never created one. I wanted to be creative but also explore different ways of presenting information.

6. Conclusion: In conclusion, i believe that it is hard to define technology in a single sentence however, we are surrounded by technology and it is almost impossible for humans to live without it. Technology unites us all and helps us in our everyday lives.

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