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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. What I learned

1.1. Technology can be a confusing term to understand and it is defined in various ways

1.1.1. Can be anything which is not naturally made Far Eastern Economic Review (2000) defines technology as the making of things and it comes from the Greek word techne and logos

1.2. Techne: art or creativity

1.3. Logos: reason or balance

2. My definition

2.1. Any materialistic thing made to make life easier

2.1.1. Gadgets, equipment or communication made to simplify everyday tasks which are scientifically engineered Internet, cell phones, computers, television, cars, machines, etc.

3. Creativity

3.1. I think this is a creative way to display what technology is. Since most of us have all grown up making mind maps at school starting from a young age; this online mind map shows how technology has changed from when we were kids to know

3.1.1. Mind maps also allow you to keep your ideas organized I usually use power point, other software or write an essay for other assignment so this was different for me; I limited the words so that I wasn't placing an essay into a mind map

4. References

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5. Technology redefined

5.1. A creativity process involving human ingenuity (Hughes, T.P. 2004)

5.1.1. For human purpose A human built world Science

5.2. Not god made (Dyer, J. 2009)

5.2.1. Machines, animal made things, human made The technique/process of created something A clock, belt

5.3. The making of things; guiding how something is made (Far Eastern Economic Review 2000)

5.4. "Technology is anything useful invented by a mind" Kevin Kelly 2010

5.4.1. Laws, cities