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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. What is intelligence?

1.1. A person's ability to think, learn, and understand

1.1.1. Most importantly, it is the ability to apply what is learned to one's life and to new situations

1.2. It comes in different forms

1.2.1. People have a wide variety of cognitive abilities (Howard Gardner)

1.2.2. People may have stronger ability in a particular intelligence area

1.3. It involves being able to think creatively ("outside the box")

2. Components of intelligence

2.1. Problem solving

2.2. Reasoning

2.3. Abstract thinking

2.4. Ability to learn

2.5. Comprehension

2.6. Ability to apply and generalize

3. How do children acquire intelligence?

3.1. Through interaction with parents/caregivers

3.2. Through their experiences and exposure to different situations in their environments

3.3. Nature v. nurture?

3.3.1. I believe that intelligence is a combination of genetics and environment

3.3.2. Parents who provide enriching activities and experiences for their children help their children reach their intellectual potential