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Full-Out Fitness by Mind Map: Full-Out Fitness


1.1. The ABOUT page will go into greater detail about Full-Out Fitness than the HOME page. It will include information about myself, the founder, so that readers know who is behind the website.

1.1.1. Video: I will make and include a promo video to inform and excite website visitors.

1.1.2. Graphic Design/QR Code: I will make a flyer for Full-Out Fitness with quick reminders on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The flyer will also include information about Full-Out Fitness.


2.1. The NUTRITION page will include information about the types of food you should be eating in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as quick nutritious meals.

2.1.1. Social Media: I will include a link to a nutrition blog.


3.1. The CONTACT US page will include contact information such as an email or phone number so that website users may contact Full-Out Fitness.


4.1. The WORKOUTS page will include workout plans for a gym environment or a home environment, as well as provide basic tips on exercise safety.

4.1.1. App prototype: I will create an app prototype that allows users to select a workout plan based on what part of their body they want to workout.


5.1. On the STORIES page, website visitors can share their fitness story with other visitors of Full-Out Fitness.

5.1.1. Google Forms: I will create a Google Forms document for visitors to fill out if they wish to share their fitness stories.


6.1. The HOME page will be eye-catching and interesting, and will also outline important facts about Full-Out Fitness.

6.1.1. Photo Editing: I will use photo editing to enhance images of athletes and people working out.

6.1.2. Logo: The Full-Out Fitness logo will be included on not only the HOME page, but all pages of the website.

6.1.3. Screencast: I will create a screencast that quickly highlights the different elements of the website.


7.1. This LIFESTYLE TIPS page will include quick tips and easy steps to follow to help website visitors improve their overall quality of life and health.

7.1.1. Infographics: I will use infographics to illustrate quick and easy-to-remember lifestyle tips.

8. Tagline: Making fitness fun, functional, and fundamental.