Ideas for my Vauxhall Project

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Ideas for my Vauxhall Project by Mind Map: Ideas for my Vauxhall Project

1. Research Ideas

1.1. I will be researching more into the history of Vauxhall and how it has come about to be one of the most successful and well known car manufacturers out there today. I will also research into the different names of which Vauxhall is known e.g. Vauxhall, Holden, Opal etc.

2. Progress

2.1. I will be recording my progress using calendars for different months to keep me on track throughout my whole project. I will make personal notes and fill in the calendars each month.

3. What to collect?

3.1. When I eventually visit the showroom, I plan on picking up some colour schemes and brochures from what Vauxhall actually use for their current colour scheme. I also plan on matching these to colour cards from B&Q to use for my colour theory.

4. Primary Images

4.1. For my primary images, I plan on taking photographs of my own car - Linzi. I plan on taking photographs of the interior and exterior in some sort of photoshoot manor. I want to capture the text used throughout the Vauxhall's design and also why they've chosen the colour scheme that they use.

4.2. I also plan on going to a Vauxhall showroom locally  and taking pictures of the show cars in there - although these cars will be much more modern than mine, it will be nice to see the contrast in the designs.

5. Secondary Images

5.1. I have taken some secondary images from google to create my mood board for both my F1/rally mood board and used some modern HD images of Vauxhall's also for my Vauxhall mood board.

6. Final Pieces

6.1. I am not too sure what I should be doing for my final piece but I think it should be something to do with a brochure for Vauxhall, some sort of photoshoot or something along those lines. I personally think at this point it will be some sort of photoshoot/advertisement but time will tell.