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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Socrates: What does stronger mean? [Define who and what is stronger]

Thrasymachus: What is Justice? It is in the interest of the stronger.

Thrasymachus: It is in the interset of the stronger ruler. The most suitable ruler.

Socrates: What if the ruler makes a bad law? The unreliable laws lead to injustice.

Euthyphro: Prosecuting the evil.

Socrates: Asks for the generic definition of the concept-holiness-piety.

Euthyphro: Our goal is to do what is loved by the gods.

Socrates: The gods disagree.

Euthyphro: The gods love justice.

Socrates: Which came first? The holiness or the love of the gods? [Being loved by the gods?]

Euthyphro: Providing a service or benefit to the gods. [Having something sacrificial available]

Socrates: What exactly can we give back to the gods that they haven't given to us already?