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TRASH by Mind Map: TRASH

1. Characters

1.1. Raphael:

1.1.1. His best friend is Gardo

1.1.2. Doesn't have a mother but lives with his aunt

1.1.3. He is 14 years old

1.1.4. works in the dumpsite sinse he was 3

1.1.5. wears jeans and a big t-shirt, he doesen't have any shoes

1.2. Gardo:

1.2.1. Older than Rapahael

1.2.2. He is more serious and mature.

1.2.3. Got arrested

1.3. Rat:

1.3.1. his real name is Jun- Jun

1.3.2. He is three or four years younger than Raphael

1.3.3. He doesn't have any family

1.3.4. He is really skinny and has weird teeth

1.4. Father Julliard:

1.4.1. He runs the school

1.4.2. He is 63

1.4.3. He is very nice and he gives food to kids

1.5. Olivia Weston:

1.5.1. She is very nice

1.5.2. She is called "mother" and "sister" by Raphael, Rat and Gardo

1.5.3. she is a teacher

1.5.4. she works for charity

1.5.5. She is 22

1.6. Jose Angelico:

1.6.1. He died

1.6.2. He was questioned by the police because he was stealing money.

1.6.3. His son died

1.6.4. Described by Federico Gonz as a "thin, lean gentle man who spoke quietly"

1.7. Gabriel Olondriz:

1.7.1. He is Jose angelico's grandfather

1.7.2. He is the prisoner that Gardo and Olivia visited

1.7.3. He is very sick and about to die

1.7.4. He is an old man

1.8. Federico Gonz:

1.8.1. He makes graveyard memorials

1.8.2. he helped Jose Angelico when His son died.

1.8.3. has a 10 year old son who helps him

1.8.4. He

1.9. Regis Zapanta:

1.9.1. He is the Vice president

1.9.2. News found out he had ten million dollars

1.9.3. News talk about him, about being a bad ruler

2. Settings:

2.1. Behala, Mexico

2.2. Dumpsite, Trash

2.3. Police station

2.4. Train station

2.5. Jail

2.6. Grave yard

3. Main plot:

3.1. Grado, Raphael and rat work in the dumpster a place in which they have to recollect important materials to gain money. They mostly collect plastic.

3.2. Raphael finds a wallet which belongs to Jose Angelico.

3.3. The kids enter to father Julliard computer to see who hose Angelico is, they find out he is a guy who was murdered by the police because he stole money.

3.4. The police visit the boys to ask about the wallet but they pretend as if they don't know anything about it.

3.5. The kids start finding clues

3.6. Jose Angelico stole the money because he wanted to give it back to the people it belonged to

3.7. The police take Raphael and torture him so he would talk about the wallet, but he doesn't say anything and they let him free.

3.8. The kids notice that the answers are in a bible that Gabriel Olondriz has.

3.9. The kids lie to Olivia, and she takes Gardo to the jail to see his "grand father" but really it is Jose Angelico's grand father. They get the bible.

3.10. The kids find more clues and notice that the money is hidden in the grave yard.

3.11. The kids visit the grave yard on the day of the dead and find a little girl called Pia. PIa is Jose angelico's daugher.

3.12. The money is hidden in Pia's grave.

3.13. The kids go back to the dumpster and throw the money out to the people for them to have it back.

3.14. They go to an island with Pia and live together. They learn how to fish.

4. Themes:

4.1. Poverty

4.2. Tradition

4.3. Corruption

4.4. Lies