Female Reproductive System

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Female Reproductive System by Mind Map: Female Reproductive System

1. Ovaries

1.1. Produce oocytes via oogenesis

1.2. held in position by broad ligament, ovarian ligament and suspensory ligament

1.3. Uterine Tubes

1.3.1. held in position by the mesosalpinx of the broad ligament

1.3.2. consists of the fimbriae, infundibulum, ampullae and isthmus

1.3.3. site of fertilization

1.4. Uterus

1.4.1. consists of the funds, body and cervix

1.4.2. three layers: perimetrium, myometrium and endometrium

1.4.3. location of implantation

1.4.4. anterior vesicouterine pouch and posterior rectouterine pouch

1.5. Vagina

1.5.1. the fornix surrounds the vaginal attachment to the cervix

2. Vulva

2.1. mons pubis (adipose tissue that cushions the pubic symphysis)

2.2. Labia majora

2.3. Labia minora

2.4. Clitoris (surrounded by clitoral prepuce)

2.5. Vestibule

2.5.1. contains vaginal orifice, urethral orifice, paraurethral glands, and vestibular glands