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TED-Ed by Mind Map: TED-Ed

1. What is it?

1.1. Educational website for teachers and learners

1.2. It's free!

1.3. Lessons are geared toward high school and college age groups

1.3.1. Wish it was geared towards Elementary levels too! - Alex Kenkelen Me too, Alex!! - Genevieve Kelly

1.4. All TED-Ed videos teach a lesson through their content

1.4.1. TED talks are incredibly informative. You can find just about any topic with cutting edge information. The idea of using TED-Ed for lessons is excellent. W.Kerr

1.5. Video lessons are not intended for a professional audience - they are not meant to train teachers

1.5.1. I LOVE that TED talks are meant for everyday people to learn new things! I think that the informative yet engaging nature of these talks would really benefit students! - J. Wisniewski What I like about TED talks is that people get to share their stories and experiences in an in depth way. I think that often times people have some important knowledge to impart on others, and the TED talks is a great platform for people to share something that's not only engaging, but important too! M. Rothman My piano teacher from childhood has a sister that was a victim of a violent crime. She had an amazing story of how she survived, which my teacher told me, right after it happened. I started telling the story to a friend not long ago, and he said, "I know her, and that was a TED Talk. Do you know that she became an artist?" I had no idea, but I found her TED talk and was very happy that her story is now available for others to hear. --M. Rothman

2. Create & Share

2.1. Allows users to create lesson plans centered around educational YouTube videos to share with the TED-Ed community

2.1.1. I really like that it allows users to produce content as well as consume it. This makes for a more dynamic community that can help more educators with their needs! - A. Kenkelen

2.2. Videos and lesson plans can be public or private

2.3. Lesson plans can be tracked to see who views them and how they were impacted by them

2.3.1. I like this feature, as it is helpful to understand how the audience reacts to lesson plans!!!! -J. Wisniewski

2.4. A platform for teachers to share lessons with each other

2.4.1. This is a very convenient feature. Teachers can get unlimited ideas with such resources. W.Kerr

2.4.2. Can anyone submit lessons? Are the lessons approved by anyone? Are there certain standards that the lessons have to meet? -Dr. Fritz Yes! Anyone can submit a lesson. You are able to first search for your Youtube video directly on the website. Once you have selected a video to center your lesson around, you are then guided through the following steps in order for everyone's format to be the same: "Watch, Think, Dig Deeper, Discuss, ...and Finally". -G. Kelly

2.5. Videos can be shared with anyone

2.6. Educators creating lessons should allow for approximately one month to develop their lesson, and 6-8 weeks to collaborate with an animator

2.7. Users can submit "scripts" detailing ideas for lesson plans. The scripts are submitted to the

3. Access

3.1. Has a database for users to search educational videos and lesson plans

3.1.1. This would make it very easy and organized. W.Kerr

3.1.2. The only thing I don't like is that there are many videos that are placed into the wrong category. For example, what does "How Hard Drives Work" have to do history and social studies. I admit, it's nit-picking, but I really have enjoyed watching some of the Ted Ed videos. It's a good source to get ideas to add into lessons. -J.Lopez I think that is something that must be dealt with when the community is open source. If it was strictly for TED professionals, the organization would be probably be better. However, the inclusivity definitely has its own positives. - Alex Kenkelen

3.2. Many video lesson plans are created by teachers who collaborate with TED-Ed nominated animators

3.2.1. I love that collaboration is so possible! I am a huge fan of collaboration, especially when trying to bring new information to a student's learning. - Alex Kenkelen

3.3. Users can access new video lesson plans created by other teachers, or original lesson plans created by TED-Ed Team

3.3.1. TED-Ed is a great way for accessing lesson plans made by other teachers. I do this frequently because I like to take little ideas from multiple places and combine them together to make my own lesson plan or activities that fit my needs and match the objectives for the lesson. It can be so hard to come up with a lesson plan and activities from scratch so having access to other teachers' lessons definitely helps with getting the ideas flowing and sparking new ideas or plans to use in your own classroom. -Carissa McGuigan

4. URL