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PhotoPeach by Mind Map: PhotoPeach

1. Students can reach PhotoPeach from any computer with Internet access

1.1. This is very helpful for students who may not always have access to the same computer everyday. If they can move effortlessly between computers, that would make their homework much easier to do. - Alex Kenkelen


3. Essentially, PhotoPeach is a web-based PowerPoint, but unlike PowerPoint, PhotoPeach is free

3.1. There is a premium version for educators.

3.1.1. Download unlimited slide shows to burnable DVD or .mpeg format These are all great features. W.Kerr

3.1.2. Upload .mp3 files for a custom soundtrack That would be wonderful for classroom presentations where students might want to add audio components to their presentations! I like that these features promote multiple learning styles! -J. Wisniewski

3.1.3. Create unlimited slide shows

3.1.4. Customize transition effects between photos

3.2. Great point. Power Point and Office do cost a significant amount and not everyone has the budget. W.Kerr

3.3. Wow! I'm really glad I got to learn about this! Many of the students in my classroom don't have regular access to a computer at home so if we do anything webbased it must be completed in school. We have the laptops, but not all the software. It's great to know there's a web based version! Do you know if it works well on tablets? -E. Braun

4. Easy to use

4.1. Step 1

4.1.1. Upload photos to the PhotoPeach project Drag and drop to change order of pictures

4.2. Step 2

4.2.1. Give a title to the slide show Choose a song to play in the background. Free version has a number of options for music, including ability to use YouTube videos I like how this tool allows you to really customise your presentation to fit your personality. Students would have fun making slideshows with all the different options available to them. Microsoft powerpoint doesn't let you do this and the only customisation you can really do with respect to design is change the color or theme of your slide show. This gives students a way of expressing themselves in their own unique ways and may even encourage them to be elaborate with their presentations because they would enjoy making it. - Carissa McGuigan

4.3. Step 3

4.3.1. Edit slide show Edit captions and slides Edit music and title slide Add additional photos

5. In a previous observation, I saw students use PhotoPeach for a project

5.1. Students seemed to enjoy the process and did not have difficulties using it

5.1.1. An easy-to-navigate user interface is so key! A product is useless if people cannot figure out how to use it. I'm glad that students were able to figure it out. How old were these students? - Alex Kenkelen

5.2. How did they use it - can you explain the project? -Dr. Fritz

5.3. Maybe an example would be good for people like me who have never used it or heard of it. M. Krotz

6. There is a social media aspect to PhotoPeach

6.1. Students can follow each other and comment on each others presentations

6.1.1. This interactive feature can allow students to learn how to constructively talk about their peer's work! -J. Wisniewski I think it is great that students can follow and comment on each other's presentations. However, my first thought was about digital boundaries. At what point should we be encouraging students to unplug? Should students feel compelled to make a digital comment on every presentation they see? While it is great to be able to make a digital comment, at some point, children have had enough online time in a day. Children and teens are going to have to learn about setting limits and turning off the computer too! -- M. Rothman

7. Applications

7.1. PhotoPeach can be used by the students to create a project for virtually any and all subjects

7.1.1. Since the basis of PhotoPeach is pictures, students can use their own or ones they find online (proper usage rights and citations should be followed) This could introduce a lesson on copyright and citation policy. I feel that knowledge about these concepts is only becoming more and more important as more information is produced and shared on the internet. - Alex Kenkelen