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Kidspiration by Mind Map: Kidspiration

1. Personal experience

1.1. I first encountered this software as an undergraduate in a learning support room. Students who were dyslexic were using it to create graphic organizers, take tests and complete homework!

1.2. This is a great option for primary grade teachers looking to incorporate social media into their classrooms since it does not connect to the internet.

1.2.1. I think this is important! I think that it is important for younger children to get a taste of what it's like to use different social media tools, but it's difficult for one teacher to monitor a classroom of 20+ students who are using the internet. Great alternative! -G. Kelly

1.3. My children have all used this in elementary school (not in learning support, all the students use it). They seem to love it! Is it a software that you must purchase or is it on a website somewhere? -S. Alvarez

1.3.1. It does require a software purchase but it is good for future versions as well!

2. What is it?

2.1. Designed for students in K-5

2.2. Originally used in schools to help students who are learning disabled

2.3. Allows creation of graphic organizers and projects

2.3.1. Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences! Students with high visual-spatial intelligence will greatly benefit from this. - Alex Kenkelen

2.4. Allows for students to explore math topics using interactive models

2.5. Kidspiration (and Inspiration) are great tools; however, unfortunately - they are both subscription only. That is why tools like mindmeister and are great - b/c they are free social media tools. - Dr. Fritz

3. Features

3.1. Contains 3 modes - picture view, word view and math view

3.1.1. I think your mindmeister is visually very appealing. I really like how you set it up1 M. Krotz

3.2. All buttons contain both words and symbols to support emerging readers

3.2.1. This is not only a benefit for emerging readers, but also for students with disabilities and students who are ELLs. - G. Kelly

3.3. Features a read aloud button which will read information to students when it is enabled.

3.3.1. This is wonderful for differentiation of instruction! If the purpose of the lesson is not specifically for decoding text, a student with reading difficulties would still be able to participate at the same level as their peers. - Alex Kenkelen

3.4. Newest version is common core aligned and comparable with interactive whiteboards.

3.4.1. Good adaptation for modern education. Everything in our classroom seems to be up on the smartboard. - Alex Kenkelen

4. Customization

4.1. Symbols can be customized to meet classroom needs

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. Unofficial websites contains Kidspiration lessons created by other teachers which can be shared.

4.2.1. Like Dr. Fritz stated, I do not like that it cost money. M. Krotz