Change and Continuity in Bishan

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Change and Continuity in Bishan by Mind Map: Change and Continuity in Bishan

1. Changes

1.1. Old

1.1.1. Chinese Cemetery For Guangdong immigrants Cantonese Hakka No one wanted to stay there because of its "bad fengshui"

1.1.2. Several kampongs A small community of settlers Eg. Kampong San Teng (A Cantonese Village) cemetery caretakers tombstone engravers peddlers of funeral paraphernalia,

1.1.3. World War II Battle Site

1.1.4. Facilities/Amenities School Farms Teahouse Market Cinema Nam Kok Cinema

1.1.5. Kallang River

1.2. New

1.2.1. HDB (Housing and Development Board) flats More than 23,000 flats Flats are priced above-average First estate to feature HDB flats with open roof terraces

1.2.2. Transport Bus interchange MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) interchange

1.2.3. Facilities/Amenities Town centre Shopping Malls Junction 8 Schools Catholic High Raffles Insitution Parks Bishan Active Park Bishan Library

1.2.4. 4 neighbourhoods Shunfu Bishan East Bishan North Bishan West

1.2.5. Kallang River No Longer Polluted

2. Continuity

2.1. Kallang River

2.1.1. Longest river in Singapore From Lower Peirce Reservoir Runs through boundary of Ang Mo Kio and Bishan Cuts through Braddell, Toa Payoh and Potong Pasir Passes St. Andrews at Woodsville Drains into Kallang Basin Northeast of Singapore River

2.2. Famous Food/ Hawker stalls

2.2.1. Kim San Leng Food Centre

2.2.2. Ming Kee Chicken Rice Porridge

2.3. Pitched roofs

2.3.1. Used for pavilions in the past

2.3.2. Now used in some HDB blocks

3. auspicious