MTHFR polymorphism (gene 'mutation')

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MTHFR polymorphism (gene 'mutation') by Mind Map: MTHFR polymorphism       (gene 'mutation')


1.1. Op genpositie: 677

1.1.1. mutatie van één ouder (heterozygous) = 677CT (one normal 677 gene and one mutated = maximum of 66% MTHFR-enzyme activity)

1.1.2. mutaties van beide ouders (= homozegous = 677TT)

1.2. Op genpositie: 1298

1.2.1. idem

1.2.2. idem

1.3. Op zowel genpositie 1298 als ook op genpositie 677 (= compound heterozygous)

2. 1) REDUCE Toxins

2.1. Air

2.1.1. Air Filter

2.1.2. Plants in interior

2.1.3. Cook on electric stove instead of gass

2.1.4. Open windows daily (ventilate bed- and livingroom)

2.1.5. Reduce exposure to WiFi / microwave, etc.

2.2. Food

2.2.1. Eat organic and GMO-free

2.2.2. Eat fish low in food chain (see chart)

2.3. Household chemicals

2.3.1. Ceramic pans (no teflon)

2.3.2. Teflon-, BPA-, lead-, aluminum-, phthalates-, silicone and melamine-free kitchen supplies

2.3.3. Chemical free furniture and decoration

2.4. Water

2.4.1. Filter drinking water

2.4.2. Filter bathing / shower water

2.5. Personal Care products

2.5.1. Organic make up and personal care products (shampoo, deodorant, etc.)

2.5.2. Toxic-free feminin hygiene products

2.5.3. Organic fluor-free, BPA-free dental care products

2.6. Jewelry

2.6.1. Silver or gold only - free from metals e.g. nickel

2.7. AVOID:

2.7.1. STRESS!!

2.7.2. Poor diet, one should avoid: Certain drugs Gluten Refined sugars Dairy Fortified foods Processed food (= factory made foods) Fermented foods: high in histamine, high in free glutamates = GABA inhibitor Fish oil (due to high toxicity, instead use Krill Oil) Monosodium Glutamate aka MSG (Europe: E621)

2.7.3. Drugs, e.g.: Statins Antacids (especially PPI's) Nitrous Oxides (Extra - Nitrous Oxides according to Dr. Ben Lynch) According to Dr. Ben Lynch, these are the drugs to avoid if you have an MTHFR mutation (see note):

2.7.4. Household toxins BPA-free drinking bottles AVOID (or: organic / natural only): candles, air freshners, detergents, dish wash soap, pesticides (Roundup)

3. 2) ELIMINATE Toxins (= detoxification through skin, kidneys, liver)

3.1. 1ST: HEAL THE GUT! Because most toxins will leave the body through the gut! You do not want toxins to reenter the body, through a leaky gut! + a healthy got takes off stress of the liver (= supportive to the liver)

3.1.1. Get rid of biofilm Oil pulling Xylitol

3.2. 2ND: HEAL INFLAMMATION! One cannot heal in an inflamed environment! (e.g. trough curcumin)

3.3. 3RD: REMOVE AMALGAMS! Beware that Kelp/Chlorella can DRAW toxins into the body, if amalgams have not been removed first! (-> need to check if this is valid)

3.4. Drink (filtered)water (1/2 body weight (LB's) in ounces a day)

3.5. Dry brush before showering

3.6. Infrared Sauna (mind: electrolytes!!)

3.7. 35 grams of (glutenfree) fiber per day (children age + 5 grams)

3.8. Coffee enema (organic!)

3.9. 3 week flax-seed-for-breakfast cleansing (nonetheless with kefir = fermented)

3.10. Haylie Pomroy: H-Burn (10 days) / 10-day Cleanse

3.11. Spirulina / Kelp intake

3.12. Bentonite clay

3.13. Chelation

3.14. Colon hydrotherapy

3.15. Lymphedrainage massage

3.16. Castor Oil packs

3.17. Epsom Salt (foot-)baths (beware.... if not filtered bathingwater, too much chlorine entering the body will be counter productive... so.. filtered water only)

4. 3) NOURISH the body (including the brain!)

4.1. Excercise

4.2. Sleep

4.3. Medication

4.3.1. Methylfolate

4.3.2. B12 Methylcobalamin

4.3.3. Methyl donors (uitzoeken)

4.3.4. Glutathione (or: N-Acetylcysteine which increases Glutathione-level

4.3.5. In case of overmethylation: use Niacin

4.4. Food

4.4.1. Food: Fast Metabolism Diet, by micronutricionist Haylie Pomroy (is similar to Paleo Diet) Fast Metabolism Diet - 28 Days programme

4.4.2. pH balanced food (more alkaline, less acidic)

4.5. Supplements

4.5.1. One of the many MTHFR-supplement Protocols (Dr. Neil Rawlings)

4.5.2. Multivitamin (with methylfolate and methylcobalomine - NO FOLIC ACID!) (brand: Seeking Health)

4.5.3. Vitamins C, D, E

4.5.4. Liver support: 600 mg R-Alfaliponzuur + 400 mcg selenium (1 oz Brazil nuts = 6-8 nuts equals 544 mcg! of selenium) + 2-3 tablets milk thistle (aka Silymarin) + 1-2 capsules Vitamin B Complex + Vitamin C as much as one can tolerate (this protocol is known as the Dr. Burt Berkson Protocol)

4.5.5. Mineral: Magnesium (capsules, Epsom Salt (foot-)baths)

4.5.6. Mineral: Zinc

4.5.7. Mineral: Calcium

4.5.8. Amino Acids

4.5.9. Fatty acids: Krill oil, flax seeds

4.5.10. Probiotics (brand: Bio-Kult) - Gezondheid aan Huis

4.6. Explicit: Take care of brain health! (See video Dr. Daniel Amen)

5. 4) ENERGIZE the body (immune system, mind, spirit)

5.1. Food: Fast Metabolism Diet (Haylie Pomroy)

5.2. 'Quiet time' , yoga, meditation

5.3. Bathing, reading, relaxation in general

5.4. Walking, bicycling

5.5. Rebounding

5.6. Sunbaithing (15-20 minutes a day)

5.7. Light Therapy

5.8. The Quantlet

5.9. Sleep

5.9.1. Sleep environment Darken bedroom No TV No WiFi No white lights no 'blue lights' (screens) Open window (oxygen)

5.9.2. Sleep hygene No exercises before bedtime Don't watch disturbing TV Have a bedtime routine Blue light filtering Apnea? CPAP / MRA


6.1. Improve muscle power

6.1.1. Kettlebell exercises

6.2. Improve stamina

6.2.1. Walking, bicycling, rebounding (trampoline)

6.3. Soothing

6.3.1. Essential Oils (brand: Doterra)

6.3.2. Hotstone massage

6.4. Improve brain function

6.4.1. Maintaining & improving cognitive performance e.g. through Cogmed Training

6.4.2. Get rid of "ANTS" (automatic negative thoughts)

6.5. Reduce stress

6.5.1. ANTs-journal

6.5.2. Gratefulness-journal

6.5.3. Breathing exercises (video of Dr. Mercola)

6.5.4. Emotional Freedom Technique (such as 'anxiety tapping')


7.1. Dr. Ben(jamin) Lynch / and - PRESENTATION 'Improving Patient Outcomes'

7.2. Dr. Ben(jamin) Lynch ND / and

7.3. Dr. Amy Yasko

7.4. MTHFR Support (Mrs. Sterling Hill)

7.5. MTHFR Support Australia


7.7. Dr. Andrew Rostenberg /

7.8. Genome Testing at

7.9. Book: Magnificent Mind at Any Age: Natural Ways to Unleash Your Brain's Maximum Potential (recommended by Dr. Neil Rawlings)

7.10. Informative website on how to live with MTHFR -

7.11. Ideal mineral ratio's (ratio's are more important than levels!)


8. Methylation

8.1. Read this first by Dr. Ben Lynch (

8.2. What is methylation? (article)

8.3. Dr. Amy Yasko - Methylation Pathway Diagram (diagram)

8.4. Introduction to MTHFR & Methylation (video)

8.5. Treating Methylation Disorders - COMT and MAO (Dr. Rostenberg; video)

8.6. Heavy Metal Toxicity, MTHFR and Genetic Testing

9. Legend:

9.1. Applicable to me (op mij van toepassing)

9.2. NOT applicable to me (niet op mij van toepassing)

10. MTHFR enzyme-deficiency may increase the risk of:

10.1. UITZOEKEN / ONDERZOEK NAC & Skin picking / nail biting (compusive skin picking disorder)

10.2. Cardiovascular disease

10.3. Depression

10.4. Hypothyroidism

10.5. Alzheimer's disease

10.6. Cancers (colorectal, thyroid, breast, ovarian, cervical)

10.7. Parkinson's

10.8. Blood clotting


11.1. COMT

11.1.1. Chances of high Estrogens = dangeous, > prone to blood clothing (video Dr. Rostenberg on Estrogens, COMT, etc.) Preventing blood cloths: HERBS: Turmeric (only bio-available if taken with pepper and some oily substance e.g. coconut oil), ginger, cinnamon, cayenne peppers, curry powder, oregano, dill, thyme, peppermint, paprika powder / FRUITS: Grapes, Raisins, Prunes, Cherries, Cranberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Strawberries, Tangerines, Oranges / ANTIOXIDANTS: Olive oil, Garlic, Berries, Quinoa / VITAMIN E's: Coconuts, Sunflower seeds / OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: Anchovies, Salmon, Albacore tuna, Mackerel, Lake trout BE CAREFUL WITH blood thickening foods: VITAMIN K: Parsley, Kale, Spinach, Asparagus, Cauliflowers, Celery, Leeks, Yogurt, Buttermilk, Ranch dressing, Sourdough bread / CALCIUM: Low-fat milk Mozzarella cheese, Almonds, Tofu / ZINC: Beef, Lamb, Pork

11.1.2. Personal blog of MTHFR-patient: My Journey with MTHFR - my road to recovery

11.2. MAO-A